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Monday, December 28, 2009


Perhaps the greatest misfortune (tragedy) of the past weeks of this health care reform is the opportunity missed; the potential of what might have been or could have been.  What came to pass is not the great historic event that President Obama extolled on national television.  It is the historic opportunity that came along and was so ineptly handled, and at times intentionally co-opted, that it became an embarrassment to nearly all the people involved.

The American people, those who wanted more and those who wanted less government intrusion, were both disgusted at the product that is coming forth.  The future finished product is unlikely to fix the real problems: runaway costs in deliverance of care; the mandated method of deliverance; the cost of torts/lawsuits; the uninsurables; the debt of serious illness; and finally the addition to the national debt.  There is little in this reform birthed by either the House or the Senate that will fix any of these real problems.
The final insult to nearly all the American citizens is the display of corruption so readily apparent and conducted among the Senators without hesitation.  The bribery and subterfuge among the senators and interested parties was there to hear and to see.  The holding of votes; the selling of votes; and the buying of votes with taxpayer money;  and tax carve-outs of favors to come up with the needed 60 votes to pass bad law--this has outraged  the American people.   If good legislation cannot be arrived at without the blatant buying of votes then a new set of legislators must be found and elected.  This whole display was nauseating!  


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