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Saturday, January 01, 2011


The wicked witch is dead! The wicked witch is dead! Remember the scene in the Wizard of Oz as the little Munchkins dance around the withered remains of the Wicked Witch of the East? So, too, many of us rejoice at the demise of the 111th Congress--an Apparition from the East who bewitched our land for two years.

The recaps of Year 2010 events, brought to us by the mainstream media and New York Times, tell us the great things accomplished by this congress. Yes, incredible as it may seem: this congress with its frenzied, late night, end-of-the-year, House/Senate tag-team that produced a series of body-slam bills before the final bell. Perhaps there is some long term benefit here. The American people got to see an example why “Lame-duck Congress” has a bad historical reputation, and why we do not want to see more of that.. But there is more: the end of the year recaps, with the pundits and TV talking heads, now warn us in ominous tones that the coming 112th Congress will, in their view, not accomplish much because there will be insurmountable gridlock. If only. We can pray that it will be so. Stop these people before they commit another atrocity--please!

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Recind Obamacare and relace it with “Model Tort Reform” that is mandatory only for those states that insist on providing state and/or federally funded health insurance programs. If, at either the state or federal level, taxpayer generated revenues are to be used to fund health insurance subsidies, a minimum level of tort reform should be mandated. To do otherwise would be a slap in the face of taxpayers by a congress sympathetic to the income aspirations of medical malpractice trial lawyers.

If politicians at the state and/or federal level spend taxpayer revenues to provide subsidised health insurance coverage to anyone, from age 0 to 120, it is only prudent to federaly require that a minimum level of tort reform (such as has been responsibly enacted in Texas) be part of the solution.

Lynn Bergman on January 2, 2011 at 02:45 pm
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