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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


How many times have you heard this? “I vote for the person, not he party”. A nice sounding statement--it sounds so open minded--so fair--so non- political. How could it offend anybody?  If we are talking about candidates for dog catcher maybe that is O.K., but we are not talking about electing a dog catcher here. We are talking about Senators and Representatives to be elected at the national level, and how important it is that we understand their political party and their method of governing. Many long time Democrats in congress are now vulnerable because of the socialistic legislation enacted in the past two years. Earl Pomeroy of North Dakota is certainly vulnerable. He is part of the Progressive Left of the Democrat Party--he supports House Speaker Pelosi and has been rewarded with a Chairmanship of the House Committee on Social Security.  However, Pomeroy is not running on his congressional record as a loyal supporter of the progressive agenda of his party. His political ads say, “Look at what a great person I am, vote for me”.  Not said by Earl Pomeroy, “Don’t pay any attention to that woman (Nancy Pelosi) behind the curtain pulling the strings”. “I really don’t agree with her”. He is denying his Democrat Party because he knows it is in conflict with the wishes and values of the people of this state. What he is counting on is that the people of North Dakota “will vote for the person”. His political ads deny his involvement with the Party of Pelosi and Obama. His ads tell us he is a good person--just look at me--never mind my Party of Pelosi Progressives.
We are now assessing the aftermath of nearly four years of the Democrat Party control of congress starting in 2006, and the first 20 months of President Obama. We see the damage one political party with control of the executive branch and a super-majority of congress can do--especially a party with an agenda such as the Democrat Party of recent  years. The balance of power we have long believed in is a sham; it is a mockery of what it was meant to be. Since the election of 2006 the Democrat Party has turned to a narrow idealistic agenda: in the past we called it the Liberal agenda; it now runs under the label of “Progressive” which hides its real meaning and thus makes it more acceptable to the voters. In less than four years we have seen a radical Left-turn in the direction of our national governance, and it was all done within the democratic process that has served us for over two centuries.

Today in the newspaper I read an editorial piece, a regular weekly column, about the rhetoric of the current election campaign and how tiresome and annoying the editor finds it to be. Over the past weeks I have read other writers of editorials and columns all seeming to make the same observations. The writers ask why the candidates seem to be so disagreeable. Why are they so heated about such insignificant issues (in his view).  There is nearly always a perceptible bias that shows through, but the authors try to mask it by saying that the candidates of both parties seem to be “a good person”, (although there is a bit of doubt about that person of one particular party). But they continue to rag about the ads and conclude that a certain party’s ads are more deplorable. But they never ask why the campaign ads are so negative. Interestingly, the writers do not delve into the particulars of ideology--the social and economic approaches each party takes, or will take, in governing. The editors seem to be incurious about the current party that is governing. What is their political ideology: Left and Progressive? A bit socialistic? Anti-business? Inclined to spending and taxing? That would require some digging on their part.

So it is with each of us, we must dig into the political philosophy of each party--their ideology--their approaches to social and economic problems-- their reliance upon government to solve all our problems--or their willingness to allow free enterprise to promote our well-being. The past four years have revealed some fundamental differences in the Democrat and Republican Parties. There is a great deal to disagree about. The Pelosi / Reid / Obama cabal has taken the Democrat Party to the far left, and they have led us into European style Socialism. The American people are losing in small increments a little freedom each time the federal government adds another social program--another “help or safety net” to save us from the experiences of living a life. This in turn is driving the Republican Party to a more conservative approach to governing. The American people are freedom loving and independent people--we do not want a “big brother” government. As a result of the alarming socialistic legislation by the Democrats, the Tea Party movement has come to be a major player in American politics. The Tea Party is attracting moderate Americans and encouraging them to become politically aware and active, and to go to the voting booths to counter the threat of socialistic government. In most elective races across the country the Tea Party is supporting the election of conservative Republicans as the best way to stop the runaway Democrat Left and Progressives. Maybe Earl Pomeroy is a good person, but he is part of the Left Progressive Democrat Party. We know that the Pelosi Democrat Progressive Party must be repudiated and defeated.  And Earl Pomeroy must be defeated because he is part of that crowd.

Hal is a ND native who grew up near McClusky. A Korean war veteran who served in the U.S. Navy from 1951 to 1955. Hal and his wife Lois have four children and eight grand children. Hal volunteers at the Bismarck Public Library doing book repair and restoration.

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