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Friday, April 13, 2012


At short public notice on April 12, Ms Heidi Heitkamp appeared at a Bismarck public forum to state her views on an economic plan proposed by Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin; a plan which may soon come to debate and a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives. Heitkamp quickly went through the Ryan plan pointing out specific spending cuts to be made in federal entitlements; Medicare, Farm programs, and college aid. These federal entitlements, by the way, have become “rights” in the view of many Americans; rights that cannot be tampered with except for increasing their scope and payment amounts. The theme of Heitkamp’s speech was the Ryan budget takes all these “rights” away from us: Medicare will be cut to the point of disappearance; the farm program is massively reduced bringing farmers to the brink of bankruptcy; and taking the college money from our children. Does this sound like scare tactics? A few minutes later Heitkamp tells us she wants to have an open and civil discussion.
It is beyond remarkable that Heitkamp says she advocates a balanced budget amendment for the United States Constitution with some exceptions. And, in her view, that balanced budget amendment will somehow fix the massive debt of 15.5 trillion dollars, and reverse three consecutive years with over 1 trillion dollars deficit spending. So how does Heitkamp propose to balance the budget? Not the Ryan way; not the Bowles-Simpson way, not even the Obama way whose 2013 budget proposal got smashed in the House 414 to 0; not one Democrat voted for it.
The Heitkamp solution to the national economic disaster is in concert with the Obama Democrat Party plan to have the rich people pay “their fair share”. And in addition, when the so-called Bush Tax Cuts come up for renewal they must be discontinued. She did not say we will raise taxes, which is the obvious result. Heitkamp’s words of choice are the rich will pay their fair share. The Democrat Party has been trying to re-define “fair” for some 30 years. To the Democrats a vote for fair means that things will come free! To others, the new meaning of fair is --you will pay for the “free”.


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