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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


The selection of Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan as Vice-president running mate for Mitt Romney will focus the campaign discussion on our national economy. And it is about time. We have heard from President Obama and his media spout a stream of wild stories about a car-top dog; non-payment of taxes for a decade (a rumor mongered by Senator Reid); a woman dying of cancer somehow linked to Romney; rust on a man's house again linked to Romney; a member of a religious cult; foreign investments; and what not. This has been President Obama's multi-hundred million dollar media blitz on the American public telling us why he should be re-elected-- I'm not that other guy.

Up to now President Obama has distracted us from the obvious--his ineffective leadership and lack of ideas for this country as the recession goes deeper. Is there anything in his three and one-half years that can be made into an inspiring election campaign ad? How does one dress up failure and pitch it to the American public? How do you say "I brought unemployment down from 9% to 8.3%"? Analysts tell us Obama's unemployment figure does not count people who have given up seeking work; the real unemployment rate is near 15%.

How do you say "I increased the public debt by 5 trillion dollars to 16 trillion dollars in less than 4 years? And, I plan to spend more, much more. Can all this be smoothed over in a nice campaign ad that tells the American people how I made food stamps available to a few million more Americans? Or perhaps people will thrill to the news that the Medicare and Medicaid Systems are picking up 35 million new people. My plan is to have the rich pay for it.

The Romney Ryan ticket will challenge the Obama Biden record of abysmal failure. The national talk will now turn to economic growth, jobs, free enterprise, and most importantly--leadership.


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