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Sunday, March 28, 2010


Fear Not... Be Not Afraid... Take Courage... over and over again in the bible, the Lord admonishes us to have faith and courage. Why does He expect us to be so bold? Because He expects us to know and understand... and even more importantly, trust that He is in control of all things. He proclaims by His very being that He is the great “I Am”, the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, who knows the end from the beginning and He expects that if you believe in Him, you have to believe in that.

Often in times of great distress we tend to look at the obvious and see only the opposition, the threat of evil in action. We tend to see only the pouring rain, never looking forward to the rainbow. I suggest that now is one of those times

The news from Washington looks dim... treasonous and out of control civil employees seemingly bent on the destruction of our great nation are on the attack. Talk radio switchboards are jammed with calls from angry and scared Americans venting their wrath and fears over the supposed passage of “Obamacare”, and with good reason.

This proposed communist invasion of our personal freedoms must be fought back and defeated... and we the people cannot rest until the victory is attained and our liberties once again are secured. But I want to encourage you to take heart... and do not despair... for the battle is already won and the outcome is certain because right has always triumphed over wrong in the end, and I remind you again my friends... God is in control.

The ink was not even dry on this legistrosity before 13 states filed legal action challenging the constitutionality of this bill. The powers that be in Bismarck are working on a similar action and 38 states overall are expected to join suit. Rallies are planned all over the nation and we the people are coming out in droves to protest the constant intrusion of this federal government into our supposed to be free and independent lives.

The masses are now mobilized and a strong grassroots ground swell is evolving from a minority cry for liberty to a majority call for justice. This to me is a beautiful thing to witness, the rebirth of patriotism in a nation long plagued by apathy. As an avid historian, I have waited all of my life for a time such as this... a time when the sleeping giant would be awakened and the call to arms would be answered by the freedom fighters of our generation. I have to admit, I always thought that the unifying factor would be an evil force from without, foreign entities determined to accomplish our destruction, but now it is clear that the primary enemy of our freedom has attacked us from within, and this is a much easier battle to win. In fact, I would say that this administration has already surrendered the election in the fall by virtue of their recent actions, and we win by forfeit because their attempts to divide and conquer us... have united us.

So while we must stand firm and hold the high ground... while we must organize and implement our offense... while we must defend our freedom at any and all cost, the vision of victory has never been clearer and therefore I can say with all confidence and conviction, this unconstitutional attempt at slave legislation WILL NOT become the law of our land...    we the people will not allow it.

Keep up the good work fellow patriots... and remember... “we should pray as though everything depended on God... and work as though everything depended upon us”.

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Avatar for Dennis

A very timely and over due message! Thanks for publishing this!

Dennis on March 29, 2010 at 09:06 pm

Great!  It will become necessary to see the great struggle that is beginning as fundamentally religious.  The religious person knows that his deepest loyalties ultimately involve matters that transcend earthly matters and the State.  This loyalty rooted in eternal matters must be subverted and destroyed by the Left which constitutes the forces of the Anti-Christ. Now before you hoot & blow your beer through your nose, please understand that there is a very serious scholarship of the origins and function of the spirit of Anti-Christ in the world.  It is literally what it says—that which opposes Christ.  And don’t try to tell me that this force does not exist.  Christ and Christianity support the individual against the drive of the Statist to turn the human soul into a statistical, functional nullity that can be bagged up & hauled off to Perdition.  As Carl Jung, the famous psychiatrist and philosopher stated, the sum and substance of this century will involve confrontation with the problem of Good and Evil. A very heavy price will be paid.

Dennis Stillings on March 30, 2010 at 02:41 am

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Lynn Bergman on March 30, 2010 at 05:23 pm
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