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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


An editorial in the Fargo Forum says that North Dakotans should be “disappointed in Representative Earl Pomeroy and Senators Byron Dorgan and Kent Conrad for going against the sentiments of a majority of North Dakotans” and voting for a “deeply flawed overhaul of the nation’s health care system.”

Personally, I think “disappointed” is a drastic understatement of the situation. I think that all North Dakotans should be “embarrassed” that the men we elected to speak and to vote for us, for the good of our state and our country,  in Washington, D.C.;  knowingly and deliberately went against the obvious wishes of over 60% of the citizens and the voters of our state.

Their decision to ignore the wishes of the people they work for, the people who elected them; shows an arrogance and an ignorance that simply boggles the mind. What were they thinking?  Well, the fact is, that they weren’t thinking; not for themselves anyway. Dorgan and Conrad are two of Harry Reid’s most reliable and dependable “yes-men”; marching in lockstep with the kamakasi-like Senate Leader who is going down in flames, and doesn’t want to go alone.

Pomeroy is a finger-pointing, anti-Washington-establishment, screamer when he is in North Dakota; but the minute he crosses the beltway into Washington D.C., he becomes a cowering, yes-ma’am, lapdog to Nancy Pelosi; without any regard to what the literally thousands of phone calls and emails from his constituents are saying.  Have you noticed; Pomeroy has even acquired Pelosi’s “deer-in-the-headlights” stare?

The actions of our three elected Washington politicians has dumbfounded North Dakota Republicans, Independents and Democrats alike; with most staying as far away from them as possible. And their feelings are the same, apparently. When was the last time any one of them was actually in the state, for any length of time, listening and really connecting with us, the people of North Dakota?

Dorgan saw the proverbial “handwriting on the wall” and made the right decision for him self and for our state when he announced his retirement from the Senate; and if the current and growing trend continues, the voters of North Dakota will “retire” Pomeroy on Election Day, if he doesn’t call it quits before then.

That three men, elected by the good people of North Dakota, would even be a party to the anti-Constitutional shenanigans that have gone on in our nation’s capitol, is simply beyond me. Being a Midwesterner by birth and a proudly adopted North Dakotan; I am just not used to meeting two-faced people. Those who say one thing to our face, here in our state, to get elected; and then show their real face when they get to Washington; in effect telling us to sit down and shut up because; after-all, they are much, much smarter than we are.

My friends; it is time for us; we the people, to take our freedom back; to take our Constitution back; to take our country back.  May God continue to bless the United States of America.

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Avatar for Eugene Graner

What would you expect from three men who don’t know what it is like, other than a few token years, to live in the private sector. 20+ years of government work has elevated them to Statist rule and they just want you to “read the bills” after they are done, not before.

Eugene Graner on March 30, 2010 at 02:14 pm
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