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Friday, March 05, 2010


While China seems to be taking the world lead in another new category every day; there is one category where the United States is catching up to the Chinese; the practice of Sex-Selective Abortion.


In China, and a few other countries, where the number of children per family has been severely limited; and where boys are preferred; girl babies were often killed immediately after birth.  But that changed in the late 1980s, when ultrasound technology made it possible to “select” or rather to “de-select” unwanted babies, the girls, before they were born.. The Chinese it seems took that technology to its extreme; and a recent study found that there are currently 32 MILLION more boys than girls under the age of 20 in China!


A larger study, in 2005, estimated that 90 million women were in fact “missing” in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, India, Pakistan, South Korea and Taiwan. “Missing” because they were never born. “Missing” because of sex-selective abortion.


In China alone; the large imbalance of male over female has led to a tremendous increase in many types of crime; including the kidnapping of young women who are then sold as brides; and prostitution that even the Chinese admit has reached epidemic proportions in the cities and towns across that country. We are told that the same problems of increased crime by groups of hungry, angry young men; are also rampant in several other countries where sex-selection abortion is practiced.


The real question; that must be asked; is can this happen in the United States? The answer is, it already is happening here. Immigrants to the United States from those same countries, brought their “boy preference culture” with them; proven, we are told, by a “definite male bias” observed in the 2000 census count of immigrant families from China, Korea and India.  And those infamous, so-called “experts” tell us that the 2010 census count will reinforce that male bias, among immigrants; and in fact, across the entire spectrum of cultures present in America. 


The sad and tragic fact is that sex-selective abortion is being practiced here; albeit quietly.  Doctors report that 25-30% of all abortions performed in the United States are done AFTER AN ULTRA SOUND; AFTER the sex of the baby is determined. Is a “male-bias” at work here too? What do you think?


As the gender gap continues to widen, thanks to sex-selective abortion, women will find the world less and less “female-friendly”; or at least “less female”.  And, fewer girls and women around the world, means a less beautiful world; and it means hungrier, more frustrated and angry young men.


It seems that the total reproductive freedom that pro-abortionists and feminists claim will give women true equality with men; may in fact, have dire, unintended consequences. Once again, our interference with “God’s Plan”; has come back to haunt us.


May God Bless the United States of America.


 I’m Joel Swanson and that is my comment for today.

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