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Tuesday, May 04, 2010


They call themselves the Red River Freethinkers! Well, they’re half right. They are from the Fargo Red River area, and I assume they are not incarcerated, so that makes them free; but thinkers they are not. If they really were thinkers you would think that they would be able to read and think through our Constitution well enough that they would understand its intentions.


But that is not the case. They are once again trying to get a Ten Commandments Monument removed from downtown Fargo, near the Civic Auditorium, on the grounds that it violates separation of church and state according to our Constitution.


The Monument has been on continuous display in downtown Fargo for over 50 years. The freethinkers, with help from the ACLU first tried to have the Ten Commandments removed with a lawsuit over 10 years ago. They lost in that attempt when the court determined that the display was “secular” in nature. The freethinkers continued to cry “foul” on and off for several years after that and then, in 2007, the Fargo City Commission thought they had put the matter to rest when they passed an ordinance, using the court’s own language, to allow the monument to stay.


But the egotistical freethinkers decided that that ordinance was an obvious slap in the face to them; and that the motivation of the Commission was religious in nature.


We all know that the essence of the Ten Commandments, in one form or another, is the basis of every true religion in the world today; and it is very interesting to note that not one of those religions is demanding that the monument be removed. Rather, it is being done by a misguided group of people who want nothing more than publicity for themselves and their own agendas. They claim they are looking out for the rights of “un-named peoples and religions” who supposedly cannot lookout for themselves.


The bottom line is that the freethinkers still cannot come up with any specific “injuries” that the Ten Commandments Monument has caused them or these “un-named people and religions”


The original lawsuit and the current hullaballoo is all so much baloney of course; because removing the Ten Commandments from public property or prayer from our schools is not even close to what our founding fathers had in mind. Their purpose; their one and only purpose, was to keep government out of our churches, so that all of us could worship or not worship, as we individually chose, without discrimination or recrimination.


Our founding fathers actually expected and wanted religion to be visible in all three branches of government. Indeed, prayers were given at the opening and closing of every meeting held by our founding fathers; and to a man, they asked for and accepted God’s divine guidance in their endeavors.  The United States of America was truly founded and formed “Under God”; and has been blessed beyond belief by our Creator.


If the Red River Freethinkers, really were “thinkers”, you would think they would know that.  Personally, I think its time for them to go back and “think again.”


God Bless the United States of America. I’m Joel Swanson and that is my comment for today.

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Dennis Stillings on May 5, 2010 at 09:37 am
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