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Thursday, September 23, 2010


The editorial page of the Bis/Trib states:

 “Seeking to find and publish the truth, that the people of a great state might have a light by which to guide their destiny.”—Stella Mann, Tribune publisher, 1939.

Since creation, this has always been the only way any honest “caring” human can actually help guide other humans to “their destiny.”  I have always loved University of Mary’s great mission statement, “All students are encouraged to seek the truth, to see themselves as whole and unique individuals responsible to God, and to become leaders in the service of truth.” Encourage “all” to “seek the truth,” the light of truth, reason, logic, common sense, understanding, confirmed facts. Marilyn vos Savant, said to have the highest recorded I.Q., and who writes for the Parade magazine, when asked for the definition of “intelligence”, replied, “objectivity.” It’s that simple! Get the facts. Just like the old radio show, “Just the facts, , just the facts.”  One would think that this would be the goal of any normal “caring” person; but if so, why do so many wanna-be leaders prefer darkness?  Why do they prefer ignorance rather than intelligence in the minds of  those they are pretending to “help?”  True knowledge always frees the mind and heart from the consequences of choices made in ignorance, or “in the Dark.” So, if control is the desired result, then ALWAYS keep the “followers” from the real “truth” about what you’re doing, and why it is being done.  And how is this deception done?  A million ways.  Remember, always, Orwell’s great truth: 2+2=4.  h2o makes water, not Mountain Dew!

One always turns to history for the truth of that which has gone before since that is what “Knowledge” is.  You, on the ground, see one person step out of an airplane at 10,000 feet, to go to the bathroom, and you “know” that’s not what he should have done.  But if you are INSIDE the airplane, and you believe that the door that is pointed out to you, by your “caring host”-read here “wanna-be leader or controller” is in fact a “door” to a “bathroom”, you’d go, would you not?  But you’ll never make that mistake again, because you learned the “truth” too late.  But not all choices made in ignorance are terminal.  As Lenin so aptly put it, “There are places for useful idiots.” 

Many times, I saw, with my own eyes, the “goat” leading the fattened “lambs” into the slaughter-house in Scottsbluff, Nebraska.  The goat made the same trip many times, the lambs only once. The purpose for the acquisition of knowledge is to prevent this kind of helplessness and hopelessness. Think critically. Never let a fallacy in reasoning go by without making a mental note of it; even if you don’t say anything, say to yourself, “THIS IS NONSENSE!”

I’ll try to illustrate some of this as it’s happening all around us here in America, and so many seem to be unable to see that Obama’s “change” has weakened what has been America’s strengths, and strengthened what has been her weaknesses.  Just take our wonderful state of North Dakota, which, by the way, did not give her three electoral votes to Obama. This rejection meant, either, that ND voters were too ignorant to see Obama’s future place on Mount Rushmore (or maybe they just preferred steak to acorns); or they had “sought” the truth about Obama, and wanted no part of his “change.” But our three  “elected” public servants, Pomeroy to serve ND, the other two to serve “the United States” as Senators, have consistently voted for the “Obama change”, even though ND rejected Obama.  Never, when their vote was the deciding vote, did they vote for ND. They just made appearances, talked, strutted, not “goose-stepped”, more a “salamander slither”.  

The Constitution specifically states that Congress is to “make” only “needed” laws that benefit ALL the “people.” Why then is everything coming from the White House?  Constitutionally, the only way the President can enact “law”, is by either signing or not signing a Congressional bill. Every dollar the government spends, is appropriated only by the House.  Pomeroy did it!! How can our three “puppets” justify voting for anything that “harms” one group to “benefit” another group?  Aren’t we ALL Americans? This constant harping and repeating of nonsense is a way of control.

Our three stooges bow and mouth “…our dependence on foreign oil”, it’s just the echo of an echo of an echo.  Then, when Hugo Chavez threatens to “cut off oil sales to the US”, instead of cheering for joy, especially when the same article states  “If actually carried out, such a threat would be titanic economic blow for Chavez’s government, which depends heavily on oil sales.” Obama will bow, try to appease this Venezulean bully thug, agree that it’s the U.S.’s fault.  And this “Obama-fakester-prima-donna” government, Cheer-leaded by Hairy Reed and Na-see Pol-low-see, backed by Blarney Flank, Crisp Dudd, and of course, wafted around like a hot air balloon by the lemmings and mice in the House and senate, three of which are OUR ND ones.

Find and read the short story, The Blood of the Martyrs, by Stephen Vincent Benet, written in 1936, during “OBAMA’S GREAT DEPRESSION.” Read also Orwell’s essay “The Principles of Newspeak” in which he states that the translation of the Declaration of Independence into Newspeak” would be impossible, because of its content, and the nearest translation of it would be a single word: CRIMETHINK!! Orwell said all literary works of the past would have to be translated into ENGSOC which would take until “the first or second decade of the 21st Century.”

What year is it now, dear reader?? Dear AARP member?? And Orwell said that all the “strictly utilitarian literature—indispensable technical manuals and the like-(you know the Health bill, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ethics committee reports,  Byron Dorgan’s new book, Al gore’s new book-The Last of the Green Kissers, blah, blab)- had to be translated which “…to allow time for the preliminary work of translation that the final adoption of Newspeak has been fixed for so late a date as 2050.” Orwell wrote this in 1948! Read Orwell’s 1984. Here’s a 2010 example of Newspeak from Time Magazine, page 11: “ Not all is lost: thanks to America’s wasteful ways (and wealth) the average American consumes five times as much as the average Chinese.”

Again to those who, through lack of knowledge, fall prey to Obama’s “fear tactics”; Never take council from your fears. Anything unknown is scary, but not to those who create the fear; to them it is perfectly sensible. Our military almost prefers to fight at night because they have “night vision” glasses. Where does one get political “night vision glasses” that enable one to see in the created darkness?  By searching for the light.  No one searching for light in darkness ever mistook the “light” for a “lighter shade of dark.  I’ll close with an example of a “created scare” which had a tremendous effect, tho even a grade school student could disprove it instantly.  
In 1968 Sierra Club- Ballantine Books published Paul R. Ehrich’s book, The Population Bomb.  It became an icon for the need for “birth control” and “abortion”.  Ehrich begins with his hypothesis: In 1968 the world’s population doubled every 37 years so in 900years the earth’s population would be 60,000,000,000,000,000.  That’s scary.  100 people per square yard of earth.  FAMINE! Fear! None of Ehrich’s predictions came even near being true, but the actions taken because of the fear, helped “social “ planners succeed in their control of the earth as they wanted it to be.  Remember, too, that the simplest and most easy way for an enemy to destroy you is for him to get you to think he is your friend.  More good people have been destroyed the believing the two words: “Trust me” from a person they trust, but who in fact is their enemy, than any other two words.  Beware of wolves wearing sheep’s clothing!  Read Fabian Freeway.  But above all, seek truth, which never changes, is non-party, is non-partisan, is the same for all, and available to all.  It is also non-political.  It just is.  Most people recognize truth; they just find it difficult to apply it to themselves.  


Citizen of ND since 1953, Ruben has BS and BA degrees from Dickinson State University, MA in English from University of Kansas, and was a Mandan High School teacher for 20 years, College faculty member at Dickinson State, Bismarck State, and the University of Mary. Married to wife Lois since 1958 with 5 children.

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