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Monday, December 03, 2018


The federal government will shut down around Pearl Harbor Day and be shut down for a couple weeks leading up to Christmas. The budget deal resulting from the shutdown will include $25 Billion in funding for border security ($20 Billion more than currently approved in the House), a bipartisan DACA replacement bill, and a Repeal and Replace of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  Healthcare institutions will be banned from refusing care to the uninsured. Taxpayers (NOT the insured, through indirect premium hikes) will pay for a federal fund to cover healthcare industry shortfalls due to the uninsured. Those uninsured with pre-existing conditions will be medically treated the same as the insured, and will pay a monthly fee equivalent to the cost of a high-deductible insurance policy (were they healthy). Healthcare insurers will be allowed to increase premiums for those who are obese, those who exhibit preliminary affects of alcoholism, and those who smoke, chew, or ingest tobacco or other chemical substances. No patient will be dropped due to non-payment of healthcare industry bills, unless “ability to pay” can be demonstrated. 


The Mueller Probe will issue its report in early January to coincide with the replacement of the 115th Congress with the 116th. The report will outline both Republican and Democrat lawbreaking of both former and current politicians, including the President, but will not lead to impeachment of either the President or any member of the Supreme Court. Lawmakers in the 116th Congress will begin a period of bipartisanship that prevents both additional federal socialism as well as resultant domestic upheaval due to class warfare.


The economy will improve due to domestic tranquility resulting from bipartisanship (passing of only legislation that is supported by both parties) and for the first year since 1999, the budget will balance in year 2020.


President Trump will continue to tweet freely… but no-one will be offended or even care what he says in such tweets.


Leftists will look inward and realize that Venezuela is proof-positive that Democratic Socialism leads to Communism and ultimate destruction of any society that tries it; and Libertarians will look inward and understand that licentiousness is both evil and bears no resemblance to Liberty.


Chuck Schumer will be immediately replaced by Amy Klobuchar, Nancy Pelosi will be replaced by Beto O'Rourke, and Jim Jordan will become Speaker of the lame duck House of Representatives.


Finally, racists, bigots, and law-breakers of all varieties will be consumed by the Rapture...


Well, one can dream... can't one?


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