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Wednesday, April 12, 2017


How to Proceed


House and Senate Republicans must get together behind closed doors and put all replacement elements on the table. They must then discard each and every element that does not meet Republican principles of purely private markets with free and open competition for health insurance. Those discarded elements that are deemed necessary to assist those who are unemployed and those with pre-existing conditions can separately and truthfully be introduced by a Democrat/Republic-rat coalition as entitlement programs, not health insurance programs, and considered along with and in competition with other budget items. And any Republic-rat that adds to such “entitlements” must be defeated by primary opponents in the future. Society is the appropriate source of help for those in need, not government.


The Challenge to Insure a Future for Our Grandchildren


The option of “fixing” Obamacare is a national obsession that must be cured by a national program of education as to the difference between “society” and “government”. Such national program (call it the Thomas Paine Initiative) must emphasize the fact that a failed economy that always eventually arises out of socialism cannot provide any assistance to anyone… and that any existing or new “entitlement” must include serious incentives for Americans to quit smoking like a chimney, eating like a pig, drinking like a fish, and practicing other self-destructive behavior. That effort must begin in the schools, replacing the current emphasis on government tax revenues as the solution to all problems. To be effective, the option of education vouchers for private schools must be offered in place of public schools that exist obviously for the benefit of school administrators, the convenient on-the-job retirement program for teachers' union organizers.


Real Health Insurance “Intervention”


An actual working American family of four may get paid $75,000 a year and receive $6,000 worth of untaxed health insurance while paying $3,000 a year out of their own pocket as their share of the same health insurance. The tax benefit would be about 25% of $6,000 or $1,500, so they pay one third of the cost of their health insurance ($3,000) and receive half that amount ($1,500) as a hidden tax credit.


An equivalent “intervention” program for an unemployed family of four would involve the payment of $1,500 a year toward catastrophic health insurance purchased in the free marketplace. The $1500 would result in a relatively high deductible policy (yes, they are available for around $125/month or less) that would protect the family from a catastrophic health event, yet encourage them to become employed.


For those with pre-existing conditions, a high risk pool would be set up to pay for costs above the $1,500 per year disbursement for catastrophic health insurance. This taxpayer funded program would be monitored to determine the percent of pre-existing conditions that were “unpreventable” and the percent that were “to be expected from lifestyle choices”. The “to be expected from lifestyle choices” portion would be paid for out of excise taxes on cigarettes, liquor, high fructose corn syrup, marijuana, and other commodities proven to contribute to disease.


A federal “minimum standard” of state-passed tort reform must be required for states to be included in any new insurance intervention plan.


These are the kind of “paranormal” ideas that should be discussed in depth before making the next attempt to repeal Obamacare. A so-called “fix” to the ACA would insure a march toward “single payer” socialized medicine that England has been trying to “fix” for about 60 years… we deserve freedom instead. Until the next attempt in the House, let Obamacare further implode so Americans understand how ignorant the left is.


What may we expect from the Left?

The (Lyndon) Johnson Amendment of 1954 bars tax-exempt organizations from endorsing or opposing political candidates. Although it has never been enforced, it hangs over clergy that do not wish their house of worship to be audited by the IRS. Trump, to his credit, has indicated he favors elimination of the Johnson Amendment. Leftists would balk at such a repeal because they see organized religion as a threat rather than a blessing. Read Marx if you don't understand.


Leftists may well propose that the “unpreventable” portion of pre-existing conditions be paid for out of a tax on the gross receipts of organized religion, in return for the free exercise of political opinion from pulpits across America, including candidate endorsement. This is what leftists do, erase a right, then offer it back for ransom. Make no mistake, the left's biggest goal is to exacerbate public confusion over the roles of “society” and “government”. Taxing organized religion would be a huge step toward permanent confusion of the voters.


Giving 10% of personal income to organized religion is an age old concept. Theft of even a single percent of that gift by government would be a huge step toward socialism, the equality that is poverty itself.


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