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Tuesday, October 09, 2018


(A sequel to “Democratic Socialist – The Reality”)


It's early morning in the northern rain forest and a light fall rain is falling… a “soak-er”; not a “frog strangler” that results in erosion during the summer. We normally think of spring as the time of renewal… but renewal really starts with ground saturating rains which insure plant root survival during winter. Fire is another form of renewal. Sporadic lightning burns the dense underbrush of large patches of forest, allowing new growth and preventing large areas of the forest from renewing in a large single event. When man intervenes by extinguishing these sporadic fires, to protect infrastructure that is located deep in the forest rather than within large clearings, the result is larger and more destructive fires. Without periodic “renewal”, extensive dense underbrush results in large calamitous fires.


Another form of renewal occurs when the edges of our national flag become frayed and tattered. Out of respect for the sacrifice required for freedom to endure, such flags are respectfully lowered, held without touching the ground, and ceremoniously burned in a barrel or incinerator. When the full renewal procedure is not followed, those who understand how precious our freedom is are saddened and repulsed. When the accepted honorable renewal process is PURPOSEFULLY truncated, such as burning and tromping on the ashes during protests of one kind or another, true lovers of freedom are angered to action that they may subsequently regret. Our constitution insures all forms of speech are protected, even hate-speech, because our founders understood that free speech is essential in a democratic republic such as ours. We can best respond to such indignities with reasoned response that makes our point to a general audience at locations and on occasions conducive to reasoned dialogue. The exception, of course, is when speech incites rioting, looting, arson, bombings or other actions that tend to cause physical injury to others. Free speech may cause mental anguish and emotional hurt, but the protection of freedom requires a strict “line is the sand” be drawn precisely between emotional hurt and actual physical harm.


We are currently in the early stages of our country's “renewal”.  As the most successful capitalist nation in history, we had felt “guilty” for our successes and given other countries advantages that seriously hurt our own people. We are scrapping multilateral agreements with other countries that were one-sided or even suicidal, such as the Iran nuclear agreement and the so-called climate change agreement that were unconfirmed by congress. We have reduced corporate taxes to near the worldwide average while including significant tax relief to the least fortunate among us. We have demanded a level playing field by imposing tariffs in order to get other countries to the negotiation table. Early signs point to successes in many areas. Unemployment among minorities is the lowest in modern history. Wages are increasing where skills are in demand. Even unskilled labor is now becoming scarce, offering hope, for the first time in decades, that many more ADEQUATELY VETTED immigrants can be legally assimilated in coming years to meet our labor needs. Private health insurance costs are down considerably for the first year in decades. NAFTA has been replaced with a United States Canada Mexico Agreement, benefiting agriculture, energy and other segments of commerce. A European trade pact is imminent and China is showing signs of understanding the weak position it is in and the need to end its escalation of a trade war it can only loose. New and replacement pipelines are coming online, replacing trucks for the transportation of oil, eliminating a source of danger for communities bisected by rail lines. And there is much more to do to bring us closer to the greatness we were enjoying in the middle and late 20th century after saving the world from Naziism, Fascism and, later, Communism.


As we look ahead, we can foresee the growth of threats to our greatness. We must continue, with the help of “partner” and “competitor” nations alike, to eradicate global terrorism. We must insure paper backup for each ballot cast in all states and territories and continue to fully protect election results from being manipulated by hackers for all of our internal elections. We must eliminate restrictions to voting other than those imposed on felons as punishment for violating the rule of law. We must allow the reasonable and environmentally sound utilization of natural resources on federal lands in order to pay off the national debt with royalties over the next generation or so, while resisting the temptation to spend such revenues on ineffective federal programs and socialistic traps like Obama Care, free early childhood and higher education, guaranteed incomes. and other false promises and schemes of Democratic Socialists and Communists that have infested the Democrat party as warned by our founders.


At the same time, we must resist being hoodwinked into morally and ethically destructive initiatives concocted by those who do not understand the difference between promise and promiscuity, between liberty and licentiousness, between love and lust, between commitment and co-habitation, between marriage and perversion. Ignoring the dictionary and the bible and molding our youth in their image are effective tools of the Democratic Socialist.


The medical marijuana laws of North Dakota and Minnesota currently resist inclusion of the legalization of the harmful possession and burning/inhaling of marijuana plant material (pot, dope, ganja, grass, skunk, Mary Jane, weed, locoweed) such as will soon become law in Canada. Let these loser addicts buy their “gateway drug” in Nevada, Maine, Colorado, Washington, California, Massachusetts, Alaska, and Oregon, and Washington, DC (which explains a lot) where the sale and possession of marijuana is legal for recreational use. Or, better yet, let them move to one of those states where they will fit comfortably with immoral lifestyles.


I would never have thought that I would consider moving from greater North Dakota to greater Minnesota to escape licentious behavior… so when you consider voting to legalize pot smoking, consider the riff-raff it will attract and the decent Christian residents it will drive out. Sin has its consequences; St. Peter is just around the corner waiting for you at Heaven's gate...


Returning to the metaphor of the first paragraph, President Obama was the lightning, and Congress (especially retiring “Republicrat” Senator Jeff Fleck and entrenched RINO Senators Murkowski and Collins and including all Democrat Senators seeking re-election in this cycle) is the dense underbrush. President Trump is the lightning-caused fire and the voters have a choice to be the controlled-burn that insures gradual renewal… or the Democrat fire truck that insures that a future fire (ignited by one of the lunatics of the left) will be CATASTROPHIC.


Love = Work + Courage




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