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Tuesday, March 03, 2015


We remember when congress grilled British Petroleum’s Hierarchy after the Gulf Oil Spill on April 20, 2010. $20 billion was immediately set aside by BP for cleanup… and promises were made that it would never happen again.

Has a whole week gone by lately without a major track derailment in North America? And who is blamed for the damage? We know the answer; it’s not the Railroads. The blame is being placed on the tankers, the contents, the weather, electronic data, and almost every other single element but the tracks, the bed of ties the tracks are attached to, and the attachments themselves.

It’s high time that the Railroads spend a significantly greater share of their profits on R&D and maintenance. We know how much “political restraint” the political contributions of Railroad owners have purchased; isn’t it time that “hush money” be “re-distributed” to Research and Development and maintenance? Enough with the derailments already!

And by the way, North Dakota legislators, every nickel of North Dakota taxpayer dollars spent on “assisting the feds” with railroad inspections would cause a hundredfold and more increase in liability to those same taxpayers. So forget the temptation to pander to the voters in the name of “safety” and resist inventing an un-needed and highly financially risky new agency of the state or North Dakota.


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