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Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Despite the results of over a half century of systematic erosion of ethics, morality, and decency within our country, a long overdue and accelerating rise of revelations of past sexual transgressions are currently minimizing, if not destroying, significant elements of the “elite establishment” power structure of the United States of America. The political party that implemented the genocide of native peoples, supported slavery, white supremacy, segregation and finally the “Great Society” of dependency had miraculously succeeded in convincing minority populations of America that “Conservatives” were the enemy. Those born on our reservations and in our inner cities voted almost exclusively Democratic in return for the food, clothing, and shelter that other independent citizens provide, if sparingly, for themselves. Fathers had been replaced by the government and individual accomplishment replaced by addiction and crime. We conservatives were portrayed as threatening the “little something” minorities received from government and preventing the “Utopia of Socialism” offered by the party of false promises. Let's first review the historical facts.


Westward Expansion


The election of the first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, precipitated the Secession of the South and subsequently, the Civil War. Prior to Lincoln, the first Democrat President, Andrew Jackson, presided over westward expansion and the inevitable conflict between nomadic hunter-gatherers and the agrarians that overwhelmed them*. To grant the right to use all lands to the hunter-gatherers while allowing individual land tract ownership to agrarians was an impossible task to resolve without considerable pain on one or both sides. Jackson and his Democrat party took the easy way out of the problem, putting their thumbs on the scale of justice on the side of the European newcomers over the Natives smaller in numbers. The result was a system of largely in-arable land reservations resulting in chronic dependency of natives on the federal government. To better understand the true intentions of Jackson and subsequent Democratic presidents regarding the destiny of Native peoples, a review of the Democrat party's actions after Lincoln's presidency (with respect to blacks) is instructional.


* The conflict between cattle drivers (nomads) and dirt farmers (agrarians) over fences was a smaller example of this larger conflict.


End of Slavery


President Lincoln implemented the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863, delivered the Gettysburg address on November 19, 1863, and the Civil War ended with the signed surrender of General Edmund Kirby Smith, commander of Confederate forces west of the Mississippi, on June 2, 1865.




The south mourned its loss of the Civil War with the erection of numerous obelisks at cemeteries to memorialize the south's war dead. During the same quarter century, formerly Confederate states used all of the power of state government to thwart federal reconstruction's promise of “40 acres and a mule” and other benefits of freedom (including suffrage) to former slaves. The concept of “white supremacy” continued to thrive while southern Democrats exported to northern Democrats the “positive good” myth that slavery had been good for both master and slave. By the 1990s, reconstruction had been largely defeated and “segregation” was in place in the south. Slavery was not ended by “the North” because the North was divided between Lincoln loyalists and Copperhead Democrats. Slavery was actually ended by the Republican party with Lincoln's re-election and the success of his armies on the battlefield.




During the subsequent quarter century, southern Democrats erected countless “victory” monuments to Civil War Generals, usually astride their horses. These statues were emblematic of the southern Democrats' celebration at successfully segregating the South and repelling federal efforts at reconstruction. Republican anti-lynching bills were thwarted by Democrat President Woodrow Wilson and again later by Franklin Roosevelt. Democrats holding office in southern states had effectively nullified the Civil Rights Act of 1866 along with the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth amendments to our constitution. The GOP had succeeded in stopping the Klan just a few years after its founding in May of 1866, until it was revived by Democrats in the early twentieth Century.


Progressive Propaganda


FDR ensured that the two main occupations involving blacks, domestic and farm labor, were excluded from federal benefits. Most blacks were excluded from benefits of the “New Deal”. New deal programs like the National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA) and the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) were segregated and offered the best jobs to whites. FDR denied FHA loans to blacks seeking to move into white neighborhoods, but did assist blacks in buying homes in black areas. Other federal projects backed by the Public Works Administration (WPA) alleviated black unemployment somewhat.


During the 1930s, blacks were desperate; the depression hit blacks harder than anyone else. So black leadership decide that the “crumbs” offered by the ruling progressive Democrats were at least more than they were getting before.


“Johnson's” Civil Rights Legislation


President Lyndon Johnson was traveling on Air Force One with two Democratic governors; he told them how important it was that Democrats in congress vote for the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The governors asked why. Johnson replied that it was part of his long term strategy. “I'll have them niggers voting Democratic for two hundred years.” The significance of that statement is not that Johnson was a bigot; that was already common knowledge. The significance was Johnson's recognition that for the first time Democrats needed the black vote.


The voting rolls of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 reveal that it passed the House with 153 out of 244 Democrat votes (63%) and 136 of 171 Republicans (80%). In the Senate, 46 of 67 Democrats (69%) and 27 of 33 Republicans (82%) supported the measure. The combined 73% of votes from both parties in the Senate exceeded the 2/3 vote required to defeat a Dixiecrat-led filibuster.


The results for the Voting Rights Act of 1965 were similar;  it passed the House 333-85 with 24 Republicans and 61 Democrats voting “no”. In the Senate, 94% of Republicans and 73% of Democrats supported the legislation. Had the Republicans voted in the same proportion as Democrats, neither law would have passed. For the second time around, Republicans were mainly the “good guys” and Democrats were mainly the “bad guys”.



Nixon's Affirmative Action


President Nixon implemented America's first affirmative action program which involved the federal government forcing racist unions in Philadelphia to hire blacks. Modern progressives, however, building on the legacy of Wilson, FDR and Johnson, had figured out what to do with those they considered “useless people”; turn them into Democratic voters.


Contrary to progressive propaganda, the Democrats have proven to be the party of bigotry while Republicans have a consistent record of opposition to bigotry. From Slavery through modern progressivism, Democrats have always stolen the fruits of people's labor while Republicans stood for letting people keep what they produce and earn. A convict will tell you that “stealing is hard work”; thieves and Democrats are very industrious in carrying out schemes to separate you from your wealth and your life's dreams.


The “War on Women”


The most recent effort by Democrats to smear Republicans has been to falsely declare that Republicans, because of their opposition to federally-funded abortion and birth control, have declared a “War on Women”. Progressive groups like “Planned Parenthood” concentrate their propaganda in the inner cities. Today 40% of U.S. women having abortions are black while blacks represent about 13% of our nation's population. In places like New York City, abortions outnumber births in the black community. How proud Margaret Sanger would be to see the fruits of her “Negro” project”.


But that was the past and this in now. As we hear daily of the stories of female victims of the elite establishment, we cannot but notice that the vast majority of abuses of women come from the progressive media, entertainment, and political power structure. It seems that Democrats have been conducting their own SECRET “War on Women”, especially black women… and finally the truth has to have become obvious to all with eyes and ears. And all thanks largely to the efforts of a courageous black woman and the internet! Justice is indeed alive and well in America!


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