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Monday, June 06, 2011


As a meteorologist and climate scientist, the article " DENNIS PATRICK: "WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE." rings loudly with a message of legit atmospheric science vs the absurd notion, using the manipulation of facts to give the impression that we completely understand, can model and then forecast climate out to 50 years.

I do cartwheels (inside my head) when reading an article like this.

Global temps have dropped 1 degree in the last year because of the cooling effect of La Nina. The recent cold in the Midwest and cooling global temps are at least a major factor in the severe weather in the US.
Climate Scientist, Roy Spencer (a fellow Michigan grad) states this well:


The persistent negative Arctic Oscillation (-AO) the past 2 Winters is intriguing and almost always causes cold Winters in the US. I suspect there may be an influence from the weakest magnetic field on the sun in at least a century (causes fewer sunspots). The earth's magnetic field continues to weaken also. I believe that our measuring and studying these magnetic fields over the next decade will unveil a host of powerful effects on our planet that adds to and potentially, completely changes our understanding of several natural phenomena.

We live in exciting times. Our technology has advanced tremendously, to the point that we have all sorts of sophisticated gadgets measuring things that we didn't even know existed a century ago. Often, all we really need is enough accurate data over a long enough period, interpreted by objective, bright scientists
that start without preconceived notions to understand new concepts.

In the past, the data was lacking. In today's world, the objective scientists without preconceived notions are more often the problem not the problem solvers.

Mike Maguire
Evansville Indiana Meteorologist/Commodities Trader

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