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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Three economists, led by John Deskin (Creighton University), have published a study questioning the value of increasing higher education spending to the economy. Their conclusion is that higher education spending has a negative effect. This is coming after we have learned that our higher ed system is geared toward the state, not the student.

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Higher Ed Spending Hurts Economic Growth

A new study ("Education Spending and State Economic Growth: Are All Dollars Created Equal?") published in Economic Development Quarterly has concluded that spending increases in higher education financed through own-source revenue negatively affects gross state product and employment growth.

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Higher Ed Should Focus on Consumers, Not Economic Development

Education is a major component of economic development. Unfortunately for North Dakota, this education is not opening up new and prosperous job sectors where the market needs them, but only filling positions central planners think need to be filled. If North Dakota wants to incentivize new jobs and industries, it must remove its focus from its planned economy and shift to a free market.

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Higher Education and North Dakota's Economic Future

In December 2009, Dr. Richard Vedder of the Center for College Affordability and Productivity was the keynote speaker at an NDPC event. His focus was on higher education and economic development.

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