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Thursday, December 10, 2009


Liberalism is blessed with intellectuals driving small cars and large egos. These politicians dominate the federal government by controlling two chambers of congress and the executive office. Spending other peoples money is a compulsion both in ideology and political expedience. More pressing is the liberal assault  on our way of life. This way of life is our free market system.

How would an honest liberal answer these questions? Do you wish to control means of production  and redistribute wealth? Do you view capitalism as the exploitation of humaity?  Do you view our consumer society as glutenous,  populated by dolts unable to control our primal desire for material goods. I use these cynical terms since progressive thought is well, patronizing.

The better question. Why capitalism? Because of FREEDOM. We have the freedom to own private property. We have the freedom for vast upward mobility in society (Ronald Reagan). We have the freedom to be a independent business owner and enjoy a simple outstanding way of life in North Dakota. And, we have the freedom to achieve success after multiple failures.

I feel the following lyrics sum up the North Dakota experience. The lyrics by Mr. George Jones:

"I have had choices.... Since the day that I was born..... There were voices that told me right from wrong... If I had           listened.... I wouldn't be here today.... Living and dying with the choices I have made...."


Paul Schaffner
GOP Congressional Candidate
Web Page: http://www.schaffner4congress.com
Email: (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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