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Wednesday, January 06, 2010


I believe the fundamental role of the federal government is to defend America's borders and our interests abroad. Today, January 5, 2009 America's preeminent security threat is terrorism rooted in Islam. Religion is not the lone factor contributing to this threat. We must also look to: political, economic, cultural, and globalization as contributing factors to this threat. Religion certainly exacerbates the call to terrorism for some who wish America harm. Religion brings an element of absolute truth and absolute reality to potential terrorists; these absolutes are void in President Obama's postmodern world view. Consequently, we need leadership which views the world as is, not as the world should be.

America's national security should be rooted in pragmatism and reality.  The hubris displayed by President Bush and President Obama creates poor judgment and policy. In my opinion, President Bush's desire to export democracy has not served our national interest.  Furthermore, President Obama's "Anything But Bush Doctrine" is nearsighted at best and negligent at worse.  Most concerning is an apparent lack of recognition and/or understanding of the Islamic terrorist threat to our security by President Obama. I base this opinion in part to Janet Napolitano's reaction to the attempted Christmas Day attack upon a Northwest airliner in Detroit and, Nancy Pelosi's assault upon the morale and integrity of our intelligence community.   

The Obama administration has made, the closing Guantanamo Bay prison a priority. President Obama and supporters believe the prison   is a rallying point for Islamic terrorism throughout the world.  If Guantanamo Bay is a metaphor for imperialist oppression, how has President Obama's own actions and words been perceived abroad by potential terrorists?  We should look at President Obama's own actions and rhetoric during his campaign and subsequent administration.
Candidate Obama vowed unconditional support to the state of Israel during his campaign. How are these words interpreted by radicals who deny the right of Israel to exist? Candidate Obama called for the citizens of the world to unite and become post-tribal. Could these words be interrupted as western Imperialist rhetoric? Has President Obama removed our military assets in Saudi Arabia the birthplace of Islam?  President Obama bowed to King Saud (symbol of oppression) during a state visit to Saudi Arabia. How are these actions and words viewed by the disenfranchised of the Middle East and Central Asia?

Real leadership establishes priorities.  Accordingly, America requires leadership to "transform "America's national security not the world.

Paul Schaffner

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