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Sunday, December 20, 2009


I respectfully disagree with Ken Rogers assertion "we are all to blame" for the encroachment of cap and trade upon North Dakota. His assessment is accurate, if "we" means our congressional delegation and those who support our delegation without condition.  However, I agree we should look outward to see the sacrifices others and how they have combated the concept of global warming.

The principle at hand is not conservative or liberal political philosophy. The issue is not the science/religion of the global warming concept.  The issue is leadership. North Dakota needs proactive leadership in Washington which has our best interests in mind.  I believe it would be a waste of our Washington delegations advertised influence and seniority not to sway the political concept of global warming.

Let us assume the concept of global warming is 100% accurate. And, let us assume global warming will be reduced by limiting greenhouse gases.  Were alternative solutions' to Cap and Trade brought forth by our delegation?  Would responsible North Dakota leadership endorse a presidential candidate who publicly stated "I will tax the coal industry into submission?"  Were coalitions created with leaders like Senator Jim Webb from Virginia to offer a coordinated proactive rear guard action to defend the coal industry? The answer on all counts are no.
North Dakota should look to urban America to evaluate "sacrifices" to combat global warming.  The late Senator Edward Kennedy in June 2005 quashed a wind farm in Cape Cod Sound for aesthetics. The state of California has denied the construction of wind farms off its coast on 2 occasions for aesthetics.  If global warming were so imminent why has the state of California not made mass public transportation its number one priority? This being stated: Cap and Trade is about our way of life and the defense of our prerogatives.

Finally, the urbanization of the ruling party power base should not mitigate our delegations responsibility to North Dakota.  The delegation should look west and North Dakota citizens should look for change.

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