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Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Our congressional representation has failed North Dakotan citizens regarding health care reform.  Senator Dorgan is a free agent and committed to reconciliation.  Congressman Pomeroy's indecision shows loyalty to this flawed legislation and defies the principles North Dakota citizens expect him to uphold.

Silence now would be a tacit endorsement of Democratic political agenda regarding health care reform.We are ten days from Obama's Easter break deadline of March 18th.

Accordingly, I fully endorse Public Service Commissioner Kevin Cramer to be the Republican candidate for North Dakota's seat in the U.S. House of Representatives and encourage every North Dakota voter to do the same.

Cramer demonstrated leadership and initiative by publicly challenging our current delegation to respect North Dakota citizens and vote Nay on all health care reform legislation now pending on the Senate floor.  By standing -up, Cramer confirmed his vision for limited government influence over our lives.  He also comprehends the economic burden this legislation will inflict upon our federal government and his constituents.

I admire the strong leadership Cramer shows in battling Cap and Trade.  He understands the symbiotic relationship that energy, agriculture, and commerce share in North Dakota, throughout the nation, and around the world.  If energy does not thrive, commerce and agriculture could collapse.  Cramer's business-minded decisions prevent that collapse and help create a regulatory environment that helps North Dakota's energy sector and economy boom.  He will serve North Dakota best in Congress.

In conclusion, I support Cramer without hesitation or qualification in his bid for Congress.  He has consistently shown the will to FIGHT for North Dakota citizens as a public servant.

Paul Schaffner

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