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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Most of us are familiar with the Grimm fairy tale about the King’s Magical New Suit.  The story goes like this:   "Your Majesty”, said the swindler tailors, “This is a magic suit." (the truth of the matter was there was no suit at all). But the swindlers were smart, and said, "Your Majesty, to a wise man this is a beautiful raiment but to a fool it is absolutely invisible."

Naturally, the King not wanting to appear a fool, bought the swindle hook line and sinker.

We all know the king was a fool – no, actually insane.  While standing there naked he allowed himself to believe he had been given a beautiful suit.  Sadly it existed only in his imagination.  America’s voters have fallen for the same swindle Grimm’s tailors sold the king in this famous fairy tale.  America’s politicians are nothing but swindling tailors.  The tragedy is what’s happened to America isn’t a fairy tale.  


For more than 70 years America’s political system at all levels of government- federal, state and local, has been brainwashing the American people.  We have been told the purpose of government is to take care of us, and we’ve foolishly and we’ve foolishly bought into this wholeheartedly. 


We’ve been told, and have chosen to believe, government will create jobs, eliminate poverty; end crime, wage war on drugs, protect our borders, wage war on terrorism, give us prosperity, educate our children, provide for our retirement, provide us health care,  protect the environment,; make the world safe. 


All this, we’re promised, will be done if we just trust our political leaders, don’t question them, give them our hard earned dollars and our freedoms.


Today America is more than $14 trillion in debt; we have fewer freedoms, more intrusive government, more poverty, more crime, unprotected borders, education in shambles, less prosperity, a bankrupt social security system, a bankrupt Medicare and Medicaid system, and a bankrupt postal system.  Amtrak is bankrupt, numerous states and dozens of cities and towns are on the verge of bankruptcy, terrorism is on the rise, and not only can’t government provide/create jobs it is the single biggest obstacle to doing so.


The question is this: Can American’s wake up, open their eyes, acknowledge government isn’t the solution but rather the problem and throw out the swindlers? 


The swindlers are fighting for their very survival.  Those who have used government to steal the public blind are not going to leave voluntarily.  They are going put up a vicious and savage battle.


To understand what we citizens are up against in our battle to take our own government back, we need to look at what’s happening in Libya.  Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, an acknowledged terrorist, is being challenged by those he rules in an attempt to overthrow him.  In response he has declared war on his people and unleashed a massive military campaign killing and terrorizing tens of thousands of his own people.  He has threatened his people that his forces are coming within hours and there would be no mercy for those who fight them.


Politicians in America (at least at this point) are not threatening to unleash military power against us.  Instead, they are attempting to frighten us into believing that anyone who challenges, opposes, or questions the status quo is to be feared and ignored.  We are told that without government, we will have no medical care, no safety net, and no hope. 


Exactly the opposite is true.  These same people are proposing to increase the national debt by another $6 trillion over the next 5 years.  It is unlikely anyone will be foolish enough to lend us money to continue our politicians’ spending spree.  What is a certainty is you and I will see our standard of living drastically decline, and America will become a beggar among nations.


It’s time we stop pretending our political leaders (Democrat and Republican alike) are anything other than swindlers.  It’s time to open our eyes.  How much longer will we be willing to believe the lies told us by America’s political class?   How long will we continue to believe them when they tell us, “Your Majesty, to a wise man this is a beautiful raiment but to a fool it is absolutely invisible."  


How long will America’s hardworking voters continue to believe this lie?  It’s time we stop pretending, wake up, and recognize a fairy tale when we hear one.  There isn’t much time left for America.  This isn’t a fairy tale, it’s real and the swindlers (read politicians), will destroy all they touch if not stopped before its too late.  And it’s getting very late.

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Avatar for Sally Morris

Mr. Hale is correct.  And we’ve just been given another installment last night.  Another delay in facing the music.  The hour IS late, very, very late.  And the longer we avoid dealing with this enemy the more strength it has against us.  We need not only to quit thinking up more programs; we need to eliminate basically every program and every department since Eisenhower’s last term.  How difficult can it be for any student of history to observe that when our country was in the black we were a strong, unassailable power and our quality of life was good and our children’s outlook even better?  Now we are going down a one-way, every shrinking, ever darker tunnel.  There is only one way out.  That is back to the sane policies that made America a great nation.  Write, call, email your congressmen and tell them you will not stand for any more compromise.  Cut.  Don’t compromise.

Sally Morris on April 10, 2011 at 03:09 am
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