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Monday, November 25, 2013


MINOT, ND -- Sowing dissent and dissatisfaction is the stock in trade of community organizers is, particularly when there is none there to begin with. The best way to manufacture something out of nothing, for one without a real cause, is to convince naïve, ill-educated, and bored people that they are being taken advantage of.

America's top community organizer -- President Barack Obama -- has, in four and a half years, divided the nation in more ways than anyone thought possible. He has relentlessly set rich against poor, citizens against illegal aliens, blacks against whites, employers against employees, religious against non-religious, and conservatives against liberals.

The extent of the divisions drummed up by our community organizer-in-chief are unprecedented. One would think there might be limits to the things that could be churned up to divide us.

There is a reason Barack Obama is America's superstar community organizer. This man is like the energizer bunny when it comes to doing what community organizers do.

The Washington Redskins are now his target. Shutting down the government, refusing to negotiate a terribly unpopular health care mandate, and refusing to address America's crippling deficit and runaway government spending are not enough for this superstar. He has waded, uninvited, into another arena to create divisiveness and dissatisfaction.

The Capitol's professional football team, the Redskins, has, according to Obama, a name that offends, "a sizable group of people." (Of course, he can't identify the "sizable" group - but it makes good rhetoric.) In times past, the media and the vast majority of the public would simply do the rational and reasonable thing, and tell him to "get over it!"

Sadly, such thinking is not acceptable in today's world. The media jumps in to back the community organizer, and the fight is on. The team name is another opportunity to stir up people's passions over a non-issue and keep them at one another's throats. It is good for media ratings, selling papers, and divisive politicians, but it is not good for families and communities. Obama, the king of negatively focused passions, is vying for General Sherman's title as champion of "slash and burn" activism.

At some point, the American public will realize the President and Commander-in-Chief simply has no desire to unify. He not only takes advantage of disunity when it arises; he actively manufactures it. The Redskins name is an example of one such opportunity.

The President focuses on virtually anything except the best interests of the country. For example, several years ago, a black professor was attempting to enter his home one evening, and a policeman stopped and questioned him. The thin-skinned professor, imagining he was being picked on because he was black yelled "racism," a favorite tactic of an elite section of the minority class. Before learning what had transpired, our community organizer-in-chief came forward to denounce the police officer as a racist. After raising a national stink, it turned out the police officer acted appropriately; to save face, our community organizer invited the police officer over for a beer -- his version of an apology.

More recently, a Hispanic man shot and killed a black teenager. The teen was about 50 pounds bigger, had attacked the man, and was smashing the man's head on a concrete sidewalk when the man shot him. Before knowing the facts, our community organizer-in-chief condemned the killing, telling the public that if he had a son, his son would look, and presumably act, like the thuggish teen. Heightening the national hype, he went on to tell the public how, as a black man, he experienced racial profiling; when he walked by cars occupied by white people, he could hear them locking their doors.

Our federal government shut down recently; our national debt is in the stratosphere. We are seeing rampant government invasions of our privacy. New government mandates, tax increases, and regulations are falling on Americans like an avalanche. And... our community organizer-in-chief has the time, arrogance, and insensitivity to address the pressing issue of the "insensitivity" of the name of the Washington Redskins as he plays another round of golf.


There is something terribly wrong in Washington, D.C. -- and it is not the name of its professional football team.


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Robert L. Hale is founder and director of a

nonprofit public interest law firm.

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