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Monday, October 18, 2010


To start my essay I state this truth: If 2 + 2 does not equal 4, then it’s any body’s game.  Numbers don’t lie; but liars use numbers. The August 21, 2010 Bis/Trib captioned: “Conrad says health care bill has $2,000,000,000 benefits.  New federal health care legislation carries at least $2,000,000,000.00 in benefits for North Dakota health care consumers and medical providers over ten years, Sen. Kent Conrad said Friday.  Conrad asserted that a North Dakota legislative committee’s estimate that the measure would cost tax-payers an extra $1.100,000,000.00 over ten years was ‘deeply flawed.’”
O.K, dear reader, especially you AARP card-carriers, and parents of 26 year old children living “at home”, and all who fear the “medical dough-nut hole” more than the red ink that is rapidly sinking the USS Ship of State, let’s push Conrad’s assertion “to the limit one more time.”  Remember as we swim through this “chart-less red sea”, that Dorgan, the far most politically astute of our three wandering minstrels, has already abandoned ship. Earl Obomaroy is basking in being “cleared” by a Congressional “ethics” committee, composed of the older, more devoted rats, like Charlie Wrangel,(Earl even uses the fact that he is a “senior member on Charlie’s House Ways and Means Committee, as a campaign “plus.”) Now that conclusion shows a rat in sheer desperation!  

Anyway, back to Conrad’s “inflatable numbers political life-preserver.”  I divided $2,000,000,000.00 by the 2007 U.S. Atlas’s North Dakota population of 636,677, which came out as $3,141.32, PER PERSON in North Dakota, over a 10--year period.  I decided to handle this HUGE benefit “one year at a time” so I did not have to cart around a “chart-flipper” like Chart-master Conrad, simply to handle these HUGE BENEFITS.  So the per person BENEFIT to every North Dakotan is $314.13 per year. To equalize, spread, share this “benefit” over the entire U.S., I then took $314.3 times the 2007 U.S. population of 296,410,404 which gave me the United States “Health Care Benefit” per year, of $93,072,866,856.00.  WOW!!  That not only should cover every “dough-nut hole” in any body’s health situation, but also every “RAT-HOLE’ in the Congressional Ship of State. To get the ten year “BENEFIT” just add another “0” to $93,072,866,856.00.

In Congressional math, you know, “ZEROS” are free.  You know, like “ZERO” job growth!  But you must add the additional “0” on the right-hand side of the number, not the left hand side as the liberals do. It does make a difference on which end you put the additional ‘0.”--The BENEFIT then multiplies to $9,307,286,685,600.00 TRILLION dollars worth of BENEFITS for American citizens, plus a few who aren’t.  His Most Honorable Senator Kent Conrad charts his way through this “web of deceit” with the syrupy comment: “The legislative estimate ‘disregarded’ the federal bill’s tax credits for health insurance buyers, improved Medicare BENEFITS and increased payments to North Dakota health care providers.” 

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