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Thursday, March 11, 2010


Things are definitely brightening in The United States of America, particularly here in North Dakota.  Byron Dorgan has decided to “retire” from “fighting” before he is “discharged,” deciding that a “ Political Purple Heart” is better than a “Senatorial Red Badge of Courage.”  He could still, possibly, win a North Dakota “Medal of Honor” by simply, in his final moments “in the arena” using his vote the defeat the enemy of American Freedom which he, and ND’s other two puppets, helped install in the White House.  He should try to get Earl Pomeroy to “see the light” that he saw; get Pomeroy also to see that ND has “weighed ‘him’ in the balance and found ‘him’ wanting.” The “tea-tide” is sweeping across America; the political hot-air balloons are being punctured, the “political wolf-skins” are being either voluntarily shed, or involuntarily shredded, exposing the political lemmings within.

When young learners are permitted, in education, to be free to ‘search out the truth,” unhindered by government, teachers, professors, grades, or curricula, then they can be the “hope of the future.”  And that is happening in America.  

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand is sweeping the colleges and universities again, as it did 50 years ago.  Sarah Palin’s “Going Rogue” has out-sold even Byron Dorgan’s Dakota Dime novel.  Incoming freshmen at the best colleges and universities are astute, sharp, truth-seekers, understanding math far better than political snake-charmers dream that they do.  They see the “hand-writing on the wall” and see that they are all “CO-SIGNERS of this monstrous debt that these “altruistic sleight-of-hand political “prima donnas” are “sharing” with them.  Governments, by definition, do not “create” wealth; they can only “print” the paper symbols of it.  All government dollars come from taxes or wealth created by producers-workers, who work either with their muscles or brains, or both.  Except in Congress and the Whitehouse, where it’s neither!

For example, Lois and I were in Bentonville, Arkansas in 1959, when Sam Walton was still working for Ben Franklin.  Now Walmart employs 2 million workers.  That’s how jobs are created.  

Young  thinkers, creators, dreamers, seekers, builders, can develop their dream only in a free society in which all men can live together in peace, BECAUSE no one in it believes that anyone in it is “entitled” to the rewards of another person’s labor, merely because the producer has a surplus and the non-producer has a lack! In a “free” country, any citizen can voluntarily share his goods with anyone he so chooses, but he can not be “forced” to do so.  

Sir Byron Dorgan could be a “TRUE KNIGHT” if he would send his “War-Chest” millions (which he no longer needs since he has fled from the battlefield), to either Haiti to help the homeless, or to Kenya, Africa, to build a better “hut” for the President’s brother, since the President obviously is not “his brother’s keeper.”  But Lord Byron could be, could he not?  Why use the young people’s future earnings, rather than Byron’s lobbyist LOOT?  

By the way, how many millions of taxes do you think Sam Walton, Wal-mart, Sam’s Club, sales tax, employee income tax, stockholder’s capital gains tax, etc., etc., has paid since he started???

And these creative producers are the very ones that these political drones not only castigate constantly, while leeching off of them at the same time, yet do everything within their power to destroy them.  THEN WHAT?  Read history. Planned or unplanned famines which are used to selectively remove unwanted consumers (sharers); and breed “civil wars” which are generally only lawless bands of killers, looting (usually with the consent of “government) and  “dividing the spoil” among themselves, until they also die, since no one is producing.  Even fat politicians can not stay alive on a diet of $1000.00 bills, as can not a poor, fat-free tax-payer on an unlimited amount of food stamps. Some one must have an incentive to produce food. Hunger pangs, drooling lips (even with lip-stick), whining, hope, altruism, DO NOT create food.  Or heat in the winter.  Or shelter from the elements.

Going back to the “Tea-tide” sweeping this land.  It’s probably a bit early to make predictions, but it certainly looks like the Congressional bottom feeders are dropping out of the races, and the surface skaters are being swept away by the fresh air of the voter awakening.  Let’s hope that even the quitters in Congress will seek, with their yet powerful vote, to right the wrongs they have done.  Above all, they should have the integrity to act in a way that their followers cannot blame them for all the wrongs done in the last two decades, as President Obama has done to the Democrats that controlled Congress for 4 of the 8 Bush years.  The media is now trying to destroy Sarah Palin by saying that her husband influenced her decisions when she was governor.  Hillary Clinton wrote the entire first Health Bill.

I want to close again with the statement that United States Senators are to represent, not their state only, but the entire entity known as The United States of America and the Republic for which IT stands.  Our two stooges have constantly put North Dakota “pork” before the survival of the Republic.  This was, of course, a result of North Dakotans who had themselves allowed their moral and ethical standards of honesty and integrity to be swayed by the unearned rewards and voted , not their conscience but their desire, which rapidly became irreversible, as it always does.

It is very hard to condemn corrupt, unprincipled Congresspersons, the President and his Czars, with one’s own belly stuffed with “pork.”  But like the greedy politicians who killed the goose that laid the golden eggs, our present Pied Piper and his herd of pork-fed lemmings has, it appears, cannibalized their own larder—the Pigs of Animal Farm,-- and all that’s left of that wonderful SWINE that kept every re-election pork barrel full, is Swine flu fright, and a slick looking, genuflecting piece of Head-cheese masquerading as an American Eagle.

But even our own Deficit Hawk, Kent Conrad has finally seen the light, though dimly, of the truth of the Obama  “Pandora’s Box”. Camelot finally died with the election of Scott Brown.  It died when Sir Ted missed the bridge, but his political clone/drones propped him up for years, like El Cid’s friends did him, but El Cid’s cause was noble and so was he, but Ted was, even then, an already lost cause.  

Voters are awakening to the truth that honest, hard-working, God-fearing, family supporting Americans are generous supporters of all true disasters, whether international, national, community, or individual, and will always make the best, most honest, most ethical, most moral, most “American” public servants.  These “wanna-be-dictators” and “big-brothers” and  “Nurse Rachets” should take this “tea-tide” to heart, BECAUSE THE AMERICAN VOTER ALREADY HAS!!  Especially the young voters! And once they have seen the hand-writing on the wall” and “heard the Siren’s Song” on the tele-prompter, and felt the “Iron Heel” of the jack-boots of the Army of appointed Gestapo Czars, they will shout a GREAT BIG, “NO!” at election time.  They already have done that.  And that is America’s best Change and only Hope!

Once again: READ AYN RAND’S ATLAS SHRUGGED which is back on the best-seller list! This year it will sell more than 300,000 copies!  1,000 pages long, and written 50 years ago. It is still the best 2010 description and comparison of the Obama decent into the socialistic maelstrom which Ayn Rand understood so well, having been born and schooled as an engineer (not a political scientist-whatever that is) in Soviet Russia. She chose  “Constitutional Republic” where everyone is free to create wealth and keep it rather than a “Dictatorial Demoncracy-yes, that’s spelled correctly” which loots, through taxes, mandates, and out-right theft, the wealth of the producers and shares (what’s left after they satisfy their greeed) the remainder with the non-producing parasites.  By the way, these 300,000 Atlas Shrugged copies are bought by readers who study them, believe them and take action to uphold the philosophy they enshrine. Dorgan’s books, Obama’s books, Clinton’s books, and maybe even some of Sarah Palin’s books, on the other hand, are purchased by the authors, and then autographed and either sold or handed out at “Fund-raising rallies.”       

Jennifer Burns, assistant professor of history at the University of Virginia, says; “Many readers are turning to Rand to understand our past—but she may be a better guide to our future.” Bis/Trib 12/14/2009 Dear reader: She is the guide to America’s future! To all the students who remember me as their teacher in Mandan High School, Regent High School, Goodrich High School, Linton High School, Century High School,(summer) U of Mary, Bismarck Junior College, Dickinson State University, University of Kansas, Valley Falls High School, Kansas , Elmira College, New York (French Institute)  please read this book now! Study it with your friends! Compare and contrast it, not with what you hear from the media, from your professors, from your “peer-reviewed sources, or smell from the cesspool of the political world, but “reason” with YOUR mind concerning what YOUR eyes see in the world you are living in. Don’t let fantasy and rhetoric blind your reason or logic.Believe what your reasoning mind tells you to be in fact the true nature of reality. And don’t settle for less than the best!

Do not become satisfied with being a second-handed looter. Emerson said: “Welcome forever more to both God and man is the self-helping man.  Our love goes out to him BECAUSE he does not need it.” By the way, only “THOSE” are worthy of your love. Other wise how do you know whether they “need” and therefore will merely use you, or if they don’t “need” you , and therefore can actually “love” you, meaning too “give” love honestly and self-lessly? That’s also why so many marriages fail.  We’re kind of taught that we are incomplete as individual men and women, and when two halves combine, a complete is made. You know, two halves, sometimes one is referred to as “the better” half, or my “better half.”  Not so, my friend: A true marriage is when two complete individuals meet, fall in love, not because they lacked something the other had, but because each respected and loved the other precisely because neither needed the other to be complete.  When to halves combine, one “complete” is formed.  

When two complete individuals combine, something is formed that never existed before, and probably never will again.The same holds true in the relationship with one’s country.  I love my country, precisely because she allows me to freely love her.  And my country loves me by ensuring that freedom to me in spite of the desires and wants of the other “free” citizens. Only then are you worthy of love, just like Emerson said.  

Remember always, Rand would say, that the value you would and do trade your time and life for, by that same value system, you have placed your value on your own life.  If you give your life to save an endangered prairie dog, then you have given your life the value of a prairie dog.  That is the common sense, logical Emersonian conclusion.  Read ATLAS SHRUGGED!!!!!!Now!!!!!Read it twice!!! Get your friends to read it!!! Think about it!!

ACT ON IT!!!!Live its truths!!   I just hear that President Obama has declared war or “OBESITY”.  All he has to do is keep up with the direction his “share the wealth/fat/pork” nightmare is going, and the “obesity” problem will take care of itself. It always has in these collective, utopian, socialistic, Woodstock-type communes.  When’s the last, or first time, that you saw an “Obese” socialistic hippy?  Even Karl Marx could not, or rather chose not, to work enough to feed his own starving children. Read “Brave New World” by Obama, excuse me, by Huxley.

Citizen of ND since 1953, Ruben has BS and BA degrees from Dickinson State University, MA in English from University of Kansas, and was a Mandan High School teacher for 20 years, College faculty member at Dickinson State, Bismarck State, and the University of Mary. Married to wife Lois since 1958 with 5 children.

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