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Thursday, November 19, 2009


November’s column will address the absolute nonsense and totally irrational statements from some of the pathetic forms of protoplasm occupying seats in Congress.  And, since we are from North Dakota, it will of course include our own “three mouse-ka-tears.”  November 10-09  Bis/Trib quotes Earl as stating that he “believes he did the right thing for North Dakota by voting yes for the House health care reform bill.” This after stating very emphatically that he was opposed to it UNTIL he “changed his mind after ‘negotiating’ with SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE NANCY PELOSI. (Here read “Goddess of the House” where Earl would be probably either a faun or leprechaun at best)  Or maybe a midget dwarf.  Remember Earl’s finger-pointing, breast-thumping, moon-walking attack on the auto CEO’s?  Are we to believe that Earl “negotiated” with Nancy with the same furor and vigor?  For North Dakota constituents? 


Insurance is an actuarially constructed mathematical logically sound risk-coverage system.  For example, to include people with already existing medical conditions , without raising their premium to cover the added risk, actuarially forces the insurance company, or public option, or whatever you want to call it, to RAISE the PREMIUM on ALL the insured, merely to cover the added risk.  Obviously, if the condition STARTS after the person has already passed medical enrollment requirements, the company should not kick them out, and they don’t. That’s why the premiums are set up actuarially.  That’s also why one has to buy life insurance BEFORE one dies.  Go to any insurance company and try to buy a $500,000.00 life insurance policy on your Grandfather a week after he died, when you find out that he had a $500,000.00 loan against the farm you thought you were going to inherit. This also shows how stupid it is when even the President says, “Well, let me make myself perfectly clear, Auto insurance is required.”  But what is required? No fault and liability! One does not have to purchase a “health-care” plan for one’s car.  The liability protects you from lawsuits over property damage. Tort reform would be the greatest benefit to health care reform that could happen for everyone and everything, but 98% of congresspersons are lawyers, so kiss that good-bye (Watch who you kiss, however, because you could get “swine flu.) It seems like Congresspersons must be immune to “swine flu, they have probably developed a built-in immunity due to all the “pork” they handle!!     


Earl has stated that because he is the “only former State Insurance Commissioner in the House, he believes that ALL the Reps, including GODDESS Pelosi come to him for advice.  Does anyone, even the people who still believe that the earth is flat, believe that?  Well, maybe Vinod Seth, of Bismarck, Bis/Trib-Nov 16-09. The negotiation, in all truth, probably went like this: Earl, boy, you vote for this bill, or you’re burnt tofu.  And Earl, thinking of his future (meaning here, election and his out- of- state lobbyist money for his ‘war-chest’) heroically and defiantly thumped his breast, and said, “yes, ma’mm,  I got’cha.  (trying to at least sound a little like America’s symbol of courage and integrity.)  Bis/Trib Nov-17-09 contains another great nonsense statement “From the hospital’s perspective, we look at Rep. Pomeroy as having an “S” on his chest for representing us,” Wilson said, “He has been a hero to us.”   Here just like the “negotiations” which are never given, the meaning of the “S” is never stated.  But according to the editorial letters to the papers, there are many ND constituents who would use more accurate words that start with “S”, that are not Superman. {Like “silly”in case you’re wondering what I was trying to imply!}


On another level of sheer logical lunacy, is U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin’s statement about selling a prison in Illinois to the Fed, to house the “peaceniks” from Guantanamo, saying that is “a once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity to help create jobs…”etc., etc., BARF. That is a line plagiarized from Imanuel Rahmm-“It’s too good a RECCESSION to WASTE.” Is it impossible for these nit-wits to realize that a job paid for with tax money is a double drain on the system?? That it merely increases the sucking sound (Ross Perot) as the tax revenue flushes down the bottomless pit called “government created jobs that produce only a fungus that attaches itself to desks for life, and in the case of Congress, even longer.  There should be a mandatory “vital signs” health care test for all government employees every year. If they don’t pass it, they should be asked to run for Congress. They would be fully equipped!   Dick Durbin, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, all turkeys of the same color! Under what stones in America do these mushrooms grow?? 


Like I used to tell my students when they whined about being “grounded,”-- like Earl whining about being “attacked” by the over 60’s” the Wheelchair Wheelborne Troops, and the Alzheimers  Assault groups—being grounded is meaning-full only if one is an Eagle; it is absolutely meaningless to  turkeys . IT’S HIGH TIME FOR NORTH DAKOTA TO SEND NORTH DAKOTANS TO WASHINGTON, AND STOP BELIEVING THAT THIS WASHINGTON D.C. DELTA DIRT GROWS NORTH DAKOTA CROPS.  Let’s have a “round-up” this election, get some good sire/bulls/ men/women to represent North Dakota in Washington D.C. so we can get some new crop calves, new economic growth, new pastures that grow food instead of food-stamps.  Even President Obama, in Belgrade, Montana, said that “all we have in Washington D.C. is BULL!” Probably the one truthful, believable, statement Obama has made about his circle of “advisors.” Let’s change all this now, starting with Rep. Earl Pomeroy.  Let’s send him home so he can take a class in Critical Thinking from his wife, or maybe send her to Congress.  She sounded like a great teacher to me, judging by the account of what she tries to do in her Composition classes.                           


Obama is trying to get China to “cooperate” Notice too, the head line: “Obama meets with China”   Why his name and their country? Why not United States meets with President Hu Jintao? Or President Hu Jintao meets with United States?   Also, Bis/Trib-Nov 18-09 “One sign, albeit small, that people are growing weary with Obama’s pragmatic humility overseas:..the effect …could… even reach… to get re-elected. There is hope.  But why is Obama so arrogant at home, like a tiger in America to a government he agrees with, but so docile, like a mouse overseas, to governments with whom he should disagree? Whose side is he on?? By the way, the definition of “pragmatical” is  (1)“officious; meddlesome; (2) “dogmatic; opinionated; conceited.” A “pragmatic sanction” ; any of various Royal decrees that had the force of fundamental law.  An analogy would be if a thug held you up and demanded “your money or your life.” the pragmatic solution would be to give him the money.  It’s like asking sheep and wolves to “cooperate” on making Thanksgiving Dinner! Or like asking three sheep and three wolves to each contribute “their fair share” to Thanksgiving Dinner. If they put it to a vote and it’s tied, what do think will be for dinner?                        

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