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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


For the first time, as I begin this article for the Dakota Beacon, I am a bit apprehensive about what I write.  I have never before been afraid of handling truth, knowledge, facts, and the conclusions, rationally and logically, derived from them.  But I now feel the shadowy figure of Orwell’s “Big Brother” looming over my left shoulder.  Let me explain.

It took the USA government and the FBI, the CIA, Fox News, CNN, Secret Service, Facebook, Google, Craig List, Amazon.com, and finally Trump—to finally produce “a” birth certificate for the President of the United States.”  Yet, I have no doubt about their ability to find and produce mine within hours, if they needed it to silence me, the Dakota Beacon, or anyone else, should they desire to do so. 

With that in mind, I’ll continue with a startling fact from Newsweek, 4/18/2011, page 45— that the book “BLACK IN AMERICA” was “inspired by one mind-boggling fact: Of the 11,000,000 (11 MILLION) Africans who survived the middle passage between 1502 and 1866, only 450,000, arrived in North America.  The rest landed south of the border in places like, Cuba, Haiti, Mexico, and Brazil, which have their own, largely unexplored histories and legacies of race and racism.”  In this great Times article, “Skip” Henry Louis Gates Jr., a University Professor at Harvard, explains his next “Big Idea.”  Most Americans, unfortunately, remember Gates from the three-person “Beer-Mug” summit meeting between President Obama, the “white police officer” from Cambridge, Mass, who arrested Gates, and Gates, that Obama called after first calling Gates a “friend”, and also “opining, that the Cambridge Police acted stupidly.’”  Obama’s using this beer summit…“sipping beer and demonstrating his {OBAMA’s} sincere interest in racial reconciliation,” Gate’s friends say, “infuriated him {Gates}.” And from Newsweek again, “For a man whose career has been devoted to exploring the complexities of racial identity, “that” 15 minutes of caricature--first as the angry black man and later as the conciliatory suck-up—could only have been a humiliation.”

This is a great article about a truly great rational man.  Later Gates comments on the reaction to some of his “truths,” such as  “The enemy of individuality is groupthink.”  [In this sense “racism”—either black or white—is “groupthink”. One of the Civil Rights leaders,not Jerimiah Wright, said “You can hate me merely because I’m black; that’s not racism. But when you hate ALL blacks because you hate me, that’s racism.”  After all, there are some whites that hate other whites, for good reasons, just as there are some blacks that hate other blacks, again, for good reasons.  Why should “hate” differ from “love?” If there is such a thing as a  “hate-crime,” then there must also be, by definition, a corresponding “love crime.”  How does any government develop a society of free individuals in which ALL “hate” and “love” the same qualities, and yet remain a “free people?” It is impossible except through propaganda and “Groupthink.” But they are no longer a free people.  Read the book—In All Wars But One—about the Korean War “brainwashing” used by the North Korean/Chinese/Communists on our captured soldiers.   {Groupthiink is right out of Orwell’s “1984”} and “the folks that captured and sold blacks into slavery in the first place were also Africans, working for ‘profit.’”  Where did these Africans learn that “evil” concept: PROFIT?  Gates also said that this “truth” angered many. “People wanted to kill me, man.”  “Black people were so angry at me.  But we need to get some distance from the binary opposition we were raised in: evil white people and good black people.  The world just isn’t like that.”  How different from Jerimiah Wright, Jesse Jackson, who still rant about reparations.  Lolita Buckner Inniss, a professor at the Cleveland Marshall College of Law, says, “No matter who did the capturing, it was white people who created the market for African slaves and perpetuated the practice even after the import trade was banned.”  Are we to believe that the first “capitalists” in Africa were those Africans who captured their brothers and sold them, because there was a “market?”  That the “evil” was not in the “capturing and selling one’s own black brothers,” but in whoever created a market for them by buying them?  She continues, “My first thought was, he’s kidding, right?”  No, Gates was just being honest with the facts.  Gates stated that only 450,000 of the 11,000,000 slaves ended up in North America, the rest ended up “south of the border,” in countries like Haiti, Cuba, Mexico and Brazil.  Is any one of these “eminent reputation” justice-seekers, who have “so much gravitas” like Jackson, Wright, Farrakan,{Read “The Autobiography of Malcom X} seeking “reparations” from those countries for the other 10,550,000 who did not land in the “G—D-----USA” to quote Obama’s spiritual guide and teacher: Jerimiah Wright.  Cuba is a slave state to this day, for all colors: black and white and gray and red, and yellow and brown and all other shades.  Haiti leads the world in only one product, babies, but, as of now, there in no market or work for them yet, not in Haiti, nor elsewhere. {The new president of Haiti does not want handouts—He wants help to “create wealth.}  Good Grief, Where did he get that greedy, selfish, Americanistic idea?? Yet here is a good man, Skip Gates, trying his best to point people to the truth about the “race” problem, but he is humiliated by being asked to attend the Presidential Beer Mug Summit.  Yet Gates graciously gives the arresting officer a signed copy of his memoir, “Colored People,” with an inscription that read, “To Officer James Crowley, Two characters in a drama we did not write.”  It does not say whether Gates gave a signed copy to President Barak H. Obama; probably not, because it would not work on the teleprompter.  So much for Skip Gates, a great man, I honor him in this article in the Dakota Beacon.

I have been reading FDR’s First Inaugural Address in conjunction with Garet Garrett’s The People’s Pottage in an attempt to understand where Obama is heading by looking at where he seems to have started.  At the close of this address, FDR said, “It is to the eternal credit of the American people that this tremendous readjustment of our national life is being accomplished peacefully.” Garrett says, page 14, “The scientific study of revolution included, of course, analysis of opportunity.  First and always the master of revolutionary technique is an opportunist.  He must know opportunity when he sees it in the becoming; he must know how to stalk it, how to let it ripen, how to adapt his means to the realities.-- {Remember, “It was too good a crisis to waste”, especially since they had created it for precisely that reason.}--The basic ingredients of opportunity are few; nearly always it is how they are mixed that matters.  But the one indispensable ingredient is economic distress, and if there is enough of that the mixture will take care of itself.”  Run Obama’s agenda back to when he won the election, with a then Democratic Congress for the first two years of his term and you can see him deliberately creating economic distress, “stalking” it, fertilizing it, watering it, adjusting his tele-prompter rhetoric to further his political position, from which he has never wavered. Garrett says that when the opportunity came it would require a Gracchus, and “The elite could produce one.” It has! Then Garrett lists the needs: (1.) the opportunity. (2.) A country whose fabulous wealth was in the modern forms—dynamic, functional, non-portable. (3.) a people so politically naïve as to have passed a law against any attempt to overthrow their government by force; and (4.) the intention to bring about what Aristotle called “a revolution in the state, within the frame of existing law.” 

Then given these 4 ingredients, next problems would be as follows: (1.) capture the seat of government; (2.) Seize economic power; (3.) Mobilize by propaganda the forces of hatred; (4.) Reconcile and then attach to the revolution the two great classes whose adherence is indispensable, but whose interests are economically antagonistic, the wage earners and the farmers—in Europe called the workers and peasants; (5.)  What to do with business—liquidate or shackle it? (6.) The “domestication of individuality” by any means that would make the individual more dependent upon government; (7.) Systematic reduction of all forms of rival authority. (this means a “despot” without limits); (8.)To SUSTAIN POPULAR FAITH IN AN UNLIMITED PUBLIC DEBT, for if that faith should break, the government would be unable to borrow; if it could not borrow, it could not spend, and the revolution MUST be able to borrow and SPEND THE WEALTH OF THE RICH or else it will be bankrupt; (9.) To make the government itself the great capitalist and enterpriser, so that the ultimate power in initiative would pass from the HANDS OF PRIVATE ENTERPRISE to the  ALL POWERFUL STATE.” 

Each of these problems had two sides: one side would represent the revolutionary intention; the other side “would represent Recovery which was the side FDR’s New Deal held up to view. Nearly everything was done in the name of Recovery.(Just as Obama’s doing in Act two of The Worst Recession since Act One of the Great Depression.) “But in no case was it true that for the ends of economic recovery alone one course or one solution and only one was feasible.  In each case there was an ALTERNATIVE and therefore a CHOICE to make.”

What we shall see is that in every case the choice was one that could not fail. (1,a) To ramify the authority and power of the EXECUTIVE government—its power, that is to rule by decree and rules and regulations of its own making.” (2,b) To strengthen its hold upon the economic life of the nation; (3,c) To extend its power over the individual; (4,d) To degrade the parliamentary power {Congress}; (5,e) To impair the great American tradition of an independent, Constitutional judicial power; (6,f) To weaken ALL other powers—the power of private enterprise, the power of private finance, the power of state and local government. Garrett does name it here, but the power of the free American individual is the first power that must be tamed by making him/her a “ward” of the WELFARE STATE.  With enough time, since 1934, it can and has been done: we have 26 year old toddlers who are happy to be on their parent’s health plans; we have senior citizens vacationing on cruise ships happy that their grand children are financing it; to quote Winston in 1984, “I LOVE BIG BROTHER!!”

The People’s Pottage--Taylor Caldwell’s The Devil’s Advocate; and FDR’s book “On Our Way” from which Garrett quotes, are “must” reads.  Remember, if there is a “missing link” in your chain of reasoning, you will never catch and hold “Truth.”






Citizen of ND since 1953, Ruben has BS and BA degrees from Dickinson State University, MA in English from University of Kansas, and was a Mandan High School teacher for 20 years, College faculty member at Dickinson State, Bismarck State, and the University of Mary. Married to wife Lois since 1958 with 5 children.


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