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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Well, it’s finally over; at least the first step toward a rational, logical, honest government via the elections.  But much remains to be done.  The so-called “ethics” displayed the Charles Rangel case, and his pitifully juvenile whining and excuses should be immediately crossed off for what they are: Deliberate actions taken by Charles Rangel, knowing that his spineless congressional comrades, most of whom have equally immoral and dishonest dealings will exonerate him, making them as ethically decrepit as he is. But then, his predecessor, Dan Rostenkowski, at the helm of the House Ways and Means Committee, also went out in a blaze of infamy, actually taking his retirement in a Federal Prison.  In fact, maybe Charlie was just trying to out do Danny Boy.

So, the sweeping election removed some of the “porkers” who had gotten stuck in the slop trough, some of their rancid “pork hand-outs”, some of the ear-marks, but a lot of that other stuff that pigs seem to produce and leave behind them, even though they do it neatly and mean well, and are sincere about it, and do it in good faith, like Charlie and Danny, it is still there.  And “We, the American people” are getting sick of that chicken-coop called Congress, where seniority is merely a boost upward by the lesser chickens to try get more time to dodge the other stuff that chickens produce that is not eggs. The election showed this dramatically.

This is a short essay because it’s Thanksgiving, and Lois and I are having our children home for turkey and ham.  But to encourage you, I shall list some profound thoughts from the Doomsday prophet of the 60’s—Dr. Paul R Ehrich, from his book “The Population Bomb” which makes Al Gore and his book, “An Inconvenient Truth” look almost as fairy-tailish as Byron Dorgan and his book “You can take this job and ship it”!  The Population Bomb was every bit as scatterbrained as all of these “global warming”, “carbon poisoning” and “lettuce-eaters” we have today. On the back cover of his book “The Population Bomb, 1968. Dr. Paul R. Erlich lists “Mankind’s Inalienable Rights. Notice that these are not listed as individual rights of citizens of a particular country, which guarantees those rights, not to every human being, but only to the citizens of each respective country and its rights, which merely, in a free country,  grants to the citizens their “Creator-given rights—“Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”--  granted equally to each individual by his Creator. But who grants to MANKIND—or to “the masses, regardless of country, all of Ehrlich’s “rights?” This is Ehrlich’s 1968 Mankind’s Bill of Rights. (1.) The right to eat well. (2.) The right to drink pure water. (3.)The right to breathe clean air. (4.)The right to decent, uncrowded shelter. (5.) The right to enjoy natural beauty. (6.) The right to avoid regimentation. (7.)The right to avoid pesticide poisoning. (8)The right to freedom from thermonuclear war. (9) The right to limit families. (10) The right to educate our children. (11)

The right to have grandchildren.— Ehrlich also says, page 18, that If population were to continue to double every 37 years –“for about 900 years, there would be some 60,000,000,000,000,000 people on the face of the earth.  Sixty million billion people. This is about 100 persons for each square yard of the Earth’s surface, land and sea.

A British physicist, J.H.Fremlin, guessed (how’s that for critical research) that such a multitude might be housed in a continuous 2,000 story building covering our entire planet. Fremlin then plunges completely into Neverland, by stating that “entertainment on T.V. should be excellent, for at any time one could expect some ten million Shakespeares and rather more Beatles to be alive.” I did a class lesson plan in Valley Falls, Kansas High School in 1969-70 showing that the world population in 1970 could be put into Kansas, each person would have 200 sq ft of space, and the “ENTIRE REST OF THE PLANET WOULD BE EMPTY!! So much for the “guess!             

I was at the University of Kansas during this time, the “hey-day” of Paul Ehrlich, this book was actually taken seriously by academicians, who used, apparently, the same modern math to count people then as Kent Conrad does now when he balances the budgets. It pretty hard to balance anything on pork fat; it’s simply toooo slippery.  And to quote Dr. Spock, in Star-Trek; “IT DOES NOT COMPUTE.”  Remember always, dear reader, especially all my dear friends at AARP: Ehrlich’s, Gore’s, Obama’s and every “share the wealth” advocate in history, has ALWAYS thought in terms of world conquest—because they understand very well, that as long as there is a place where freedom exists, men will seek it. Remember, also that  2+2=4 and H2o makes water, NO MATTER WHAT IT SAYS ON THE UNTEATHERED BALLON FLOATING IN THE BREEZE OF CONSENSUS OF OPINION

Citizen of ND since 1953, Ruben has BS and BA degrees from Dickinson State University, MA in English from University of Kansas, and was a Mandan High School teacher for 20 years, College faculty member at Dickinson State, Bismarck State, and the University of Mary. Married to wife Lois since 1958 with 5 children.

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