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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Just a little more before we move on from the Rush Limbaugh flap.  You know the one I mean – wher e he used an insulting term for the woman who is so active she can’t afford her own contraceptives and asks the taxpayers for help.  Here are a few headlines from around the world:

“Pakistani Men Passed ‘White’ Girls Around Like Balls”

“Scholars:  ‘Men Are Fundamental, Women Are Secondary’”

“University Dean Beaten for Opposing Veil (Tunisia)”

“Spanish Imam Calls on Muslims to Discipline Misbehaving Wives”

“Light Sentence for Iraqi Who Burned Daughters Alive Over Sex”

“Arizona Teen Burned for Refusing Arranged Marriage”

“17 Year Old Woman Beaten to Death for Missing Curfew”

“Dubai Cop Gets Only 1 Year Jail Time for Kidnapping and Rape”

“Girl Honor Killed with AK-47”

“Ten Women Stripped and Paraded Over Man’s Crime”

 . . . but here’s a happier one:  “Taliban Too Tired to Beat Their Wives”

The above represents only a small sampling of what we can read about every day.  And here is an excerpt from a news item about an Egyptian girl, Samira Ibrahim, who was part of the delightful Arab Spring last year: 

“ . . . Ibrahim filed a lawsuit against the doctor, who works at a military facility, and has accused him of forcing her to undergo a virginity test last March, when she and other female protesters were arrested in Cairo’s Tahrir Square during a sit-in and taken to a facility.

The women were forced, in front of dozens of other soldiers, to take down their pants and allow a doctor to examine them. When Ibrahim asked for the procedure to be done in private, she was assaulted, Ibrahim said.”  (http://bikyamasr.com/58681/egypts-virginity-test-fighter-samira-ibrahim-returns-to-court-with-surprises/)

We never hear from Nancy Pelosi about this.  We never hear from the Obamas about this, or from the American main stream media.  We don’t hear Ed Schultz blather about it, we don’t hear from the standard mouthpieces of feminism in America about any of this.  Some of it occurs overseas, some in Canada and some right here in America.  But, then, these are not “outrages” against women in scale with the scolding of the professional female political activist, plant and Obamacare shill, Sandra Fluke.   She’s been feted and honored and flattered nearly enough by now. Her parents and her Party are all so proud of her.  The President took time out from his busy schedule of apologizing to rioting Muslim extremists to make a solicitous phone call to the woman to ascertain her state of mind.  She seems to be doing just fine, by the way, and says she’d do it all over again.  I suppose if that’s the kind of reputation you want, you could hardly do better.  A solid week of well-wishing from every network and radio host, print and electronic media.  And it cost Carbonite a bundle in the stock market, to boot.  All worth it to “young” Sandra.

Where is the outrage on the American media?  I had thought when I read headlines like those above and we had a deafening silence from the Pelosis and the Allreds that the feminist organizations had given up and disbanded.    We’ve heard no official communiqué from them over the horrific, infamous Shafia case in Canada.  It goes on and on and on and never a word from the champions of women , but let one come before the public to beg for contraceptives so she can afford to stay in Georgetown Law School and pursue her favorite sport unhampered by financial hardship and it awakens them and they come out of the woodwork. 

I would think that now that they’ve been aroused from the deep, catatonic slumber that had overcome them that now we might be hearing just a little outrage over headlines such as these (http://thereligionofpeace.com/) but I have a hunch we won’t.  They won’t expend their ammunition on the politically correct multicultural folks.  They will wait and see if perhaps they can find someone to attack who doesn’t advocate violence against women but objects to buying their prophylactics as Limbaugh has objected.  That, now, really IS a crime.


I seriously doubt whether anyone would have criticized Fluke for what she was supposed to be up there promoting, which was medicinal use of birth control drugs for a “friend” who suffered a painful uterine cyst syndrome.  But she didn’t stop there.  She began to whine that she and her friends were going broke.  They can’t all be suffering from this relatively infrequent affliction.  Their needs were perhaps something they should have been expected to handle if their partners couldn’t or wouldn’t. 

I hope this whole issue will go away for a while now because it is depressing to many of us who couldn’t afford to go to any law school, or even take legal aid courses, say nothing of Georgetown Law School and who just don’t want to hear about the hard times of the girls who are so privileged and waste themselves so profligately. 

While we don’t advocate using the kind of language that accurately describes Ms Fluke’s behavior, we cannot help but wonder whether all of this fuss might not better have been spent in bringing our attention to the real, unspeakable suffering of real women in the real world, rather than concerning ourselves with the sporting goods of the coeds of Georgetown Law School. 

(Update on the Ibrahim case: the doctor was acquitted. Ibrahim responded with tears.)


Sally Morris is a member of Americans for Constitutional Government and the Executive Committee of the Valley Tea Party Conservative Coalition for whom she blogs (vtpcc.com) regularly. 



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