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Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Is Mexico serious about stopping the caravan of migrants, criminals and terrorists?  It would seem very doubtful, as they continue to surge northward toward our border. It has been “discovered” by some journalists that this flood of humanity carries with it these criminal and terrorist elements, making it absolutely essential that we not allow it to continue into our territory.  The discovery is disingenuous, inasmuch as the president of Guatemala has admitted to having arrested some 100 ISIS operatives.

Obviously we can’t have this in our country.  Some have applauded President Trump’s threat to send our military to the border to stop this.  Mexico claims they will stop them but the Mexican government is doing nothing about it. They have no plan to stop this and they would have no reason to want these people in Mexico.  Therefore it should be clear to all that they intend to usher them across our border. Trump has demanded that Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, et al, stop the caravan or lose American aid.  It looks like he will have to call their bluff because the parade continues on.

Why didn’t Trump call Mexico’s bluff instead?  Why didn’t he offer U.S. troops and cover by the U.S. Coast Guard and Navy to protect Mexico’s southern border?  Look at the relative distance of the Guatemalan border compared with the U.S.-Mexican border. Wouldn’t it make sense to reinforce the border between Guatemala and Mexico, rather than the U.S.-Mexican border?  

I am not under the delusion that Mexico would accept help there, of course.  I realize, as most objective people do, that Mexico desires this confrontation at our own border far more than they would like to keep MS-13, ISIS and other criminals as well as run-of-the-mill migrants off of their streets and off of their welfare system (although their welfare system is far less generous than ours, which accounts for the clamour to get into the U.S.).  No. They want this clash at the U.S. border very much. They think it makes us and President Trump look bad. They might think that, and much of Latin America might agree with that position, but they are unbalanced.

A nation cannot exist without borders.  Mexico knows this. They threw a U.S. Marine in prison because he made a wrong turn and accidentally crossed their border.  They know how to treat illegals in Mexico. And it isn’t pretty. They could be doing the same for those coming through Guatemala, but mysteriously they don’t.

I would argue that we should make this peaceful, friendly offer of one ally to another against crime and terror to our good friends in Mexico and let them say no.  Let them say they will “contain” this problem without help and then hold them to it. I would say, why not deploy the U.S. Coast Guard to make sure they don’t enter U.S. territorial waters but are turned back if they come in boats or rafts or on driftwood.  Of course this would set off the promoters of terror and crime on the Left and we would be criticized for defending our borders, but so what?

Why is Trump holding back?  Why not make the offer and put Mexico on the spot and unmask their corrupt government and reveal their real agenda?  What would we have to lose? There is the off-chance that they would take us up instead and we could stop the caravan without their ravaging Mexico on their way through.  I’m sure a lot of decent Mexican citizens would appreciate that. It can’t be a picnic for them, after all. Let the government explain itself to the Mexican people, whose streets will be littered and their families threatened by this horde.  

It will be interesting to see how this massive onslaught of illegal migrants will affect the U.S. midterm elections.  One theory is that it is tailor-made to help the Democrats. I just can’t see it that way. Unless Democrat supporters are okay with MS-13, drugs, human trafficking and mayhem.


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