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Monday, July 24, 2017


What if the minimum wage for American citizens is raised to $15/hour? What if the minimum wage for LEGAL immigrants is raised to $50/hour? And ILLEGAL immigrants' wages are set at $100/hour? Think about this.

I often receive mass emails intended to recruit my support of someone's political project. A recent one came from Mo Brooks, who was seeking support for his efforts to get the wall built on the Mexican border – an effort he sees as being blocked by not only Democrats but by Republican traitors as well. He is right about Republicans selling out and that is nothing new in this issue. The Republican elitists have been in love with illegal immigration – it fills their pockets with generous donations from those who hire cheap immigrant labor. Democrats want it to swell their numbers in future elections, thereby extinguishing all opposition to the Democrat party, knowing full well that these illegals will be voting Democrat.

Thus the reason we are not securing our borders is simple, and one of the oldest motivations among mankind – GREED. We have greed of Democrats for votes, Republicans for cheap labor and illegals for having what is ours without earning it or fighting for it in their own countries.

If greed is the cause, it is also the solution.

We have illegal immigration because we incentivize it. We reward those who hire the illegals rather than American citizens by handicapping the employer of Americans – with excessive burdens of paperwork, with extra taxes and regulations to follow, with Obamacare (or is it now termed "Trumpcare"?) These are massive penalties borne by those who try to hire American citizens and legal immigrants. What if we turned the tables and used a force of nature – greed – to defeat illegal immigration and discourage all immigration?

I am suggesting that we encourage legal action by illegal immigrants who might claim to have been discriminated against. (Keep reading!) We should give them immunity for their testimony if proven to be true, and award them massive settlements. Then we should establish an absolute minimum wage for any illegal immigrant of something like $100/hour. We could make it $50/hour for legal immigrants. (Anyone who is already willing to pay $50 or more per hour to a legal immigrant is probably hiring expertise we actually do need here. ) If an employer hired an illegal in an effort to pay them less for their labor than they would have to pay a citizen or a legal immigrant, our legal system would be right there to enforce the rights of these illegals who were paid less, just so long as they are not implicated in any other illegal activities here. We could discourage cheap legal immigrant labor by offering the same services to them. I think we could get the ACLU to help us with this.

The scenario might go like this: Lupe enters the US illegally. She takes a $2/hour job under the radar cleaning rooms in a motel. She works at this for a solid year or so. She finally has witnesses to her hours of labor and consults one of the many civil lawyers who are now advertising on TV for such clients and even offering finders' fees for them. She slaps the motel owner with a massive lawsuit for her denied wages plus punitive damages and costs. The federal prosecutors then complete the job by taking him to court on a federal civil rights charge. The motel owner stands little chance of surviving this whammy. Same with Fidel, the mechanic and Juanita, the dishwasher at the local eatery. How many cases will be brought into court before businesses begin to hire Americans and illegal immigrants just quit coming? As long as we are feeding the problem on the one hand, it makes no sense to endanger life and limb trying to patrol some fence on the border to stop it. Stop incentivizing criminal activity and see it wither and cease.

In this way we can treat the source of the problem; building walls is a lot like putting a band aid on a cancerous tumor. The problem is deeper. We need to dry it up at its source. With no jobs on offer and no incentive to come to America, many of these people will find it makes more sense to fix the problems with Mexico – which are all strictly man-made as well. Without the corruption and systemic crime, Mexico would be a massive success as a nation with its great resources. As it stands now, we are draining off the most enterprising Mexicans (for good or evil) whereas they might be coming up with solutions to make Mexico not only viable but great.

I would assert here that I do believe that when someone is crossing the border illegally, as happens in our Southwest, we abolish any official or unofficial "safe zones" (which are anything BUT "safe") inside our borders, and allow our Border Patrol to shoot criminals attempting to cross without permission instead of punishing them as we do now. It is a scandal how we have treated our Border Patrol men and women who are trying to do their job to protect us from dangerous criminals.

Some today would advocate walls to keep Muslims out of Europe. I, too, would like to see Muslim invasion of Europe stopped. It is a disaster of Biblical proportions. But they are there only because the governments of Europe have openly encouraged it. The same system of removing incentive could have prevented the overrunning of Europe. Is it too late now? Many believe it is. But it is not too late to try.

It is an interesting phenomenon that so often the problem itself contains the seed of its cure. I think we can be more creative and less brutish and achieve a more lasting success by adjusting the incentives than by building a childish and ultimately unsuccessful wall.

Immigration, both legal and illegal, has become a detriment to our country. Our strength does not lie in "diversity", which is, in itself, neither good nor bad, but rather in a common belief in our system, laws and Constitution and our established rights as citizens, a common language so we can communicate and an allegiance to America. There is no case to be made for diversity for its own sake. That is totally mindless. Temporary "diversity" is what is killing Europe. Within our lifetimes we will see the total loss of the diverse native cultures of Europe, all supplanted by "diversity" which is NOT truly diverse, but instead will require strict conformity to Islam and its joyless teachings. No more Renoir in the Louvre, no more opera at La Scala, no more Oktoberfest in Bavaria. This is not a "good". It is an evil. We must act now to preserve our own way of life and allow natural diversity UNDER OUR LAWS AND CUSTOMS to flourish freely and safely. A wall won't do it. But maybe a policy will.

Without the great expense and considerable hazards attendant upon building, maintaining and patrolling this wall, we can accomplish a more complete solution with the stroke of a pen, costing the taxpayer VIRTUALLY NOTHING! Our private attorneys, like an "invisible hand", will come to the rescue. A wall just makes America look weak.

Other immigration issues will cease to be "problems". An American might marry a lovely Mexican woman. She poses no problem to the taxpayers and citizens as long as she does not seek welfare or a wage. If she stays home and brings up their children, who cares? Everyone is happy. If she opens a business of her own she becomes an EMPLOYER, not an EMPLOYEE and in fact, truly does enrich America. If she paints murals or teaches violin she hurts no one. Her being here actually helps America. Look at the administrative and law enforcement costs that will disappear! Simply by making illegal immigration not a problem, we can concentrate on more constructive and less divisive matters. Into the future we can have a cost of living increase built in so we won't have to revisit the issue. Terrorists will have a much more difficult time blending in with other illegal immigration if we no longer have these tidal waves of people coming in. Many other evils will end as well – evils such as transporting illegals unsafely, tunnels, etc., none of which will be stopped by a wall. There is a better way. Write to Mo Brooks and your senators and congressmen and suggest this instead of walls.

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