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Wednesday, January 09, 2019


Tonight we find that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thinks that the proposed wall on our southern border is a “monument to hate”.  So what?


Since when are we supposed to be compelled to shun “hate”?   Hate is actually a neutral concept. We have been conditioned of late to regard something like “hate” as a purely negative kind of abstract.  But it is as legitimate to hate as to love.


In fact, hate is the opposite side of the same coin as love.  If we love humankind, then we must hate Pol Pot, we must hate Adolf Hitler, Stalin, Fidel Castro.  


There is absolutely nothing wrong with hating criminals who terrorize, steal and otherwise victimize the innocent.  Unfortunately this means we must hate having unvetted, illegal immigration into our country.  Sorry, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez. Hate is okay. It is time we quit being cowed by people who trade on our desire to be fair, to be generous, to be kind.  


There is nothing at all kind about MS-13, is there?  Or ISIS? We need to quit apologizing for hating what is evil.  In order to protect the innocent, the productive, the citizens of our own country, we must limit those who come into our country.  We need not - we must not - apologize for this.


Recently a candidate for Congress from Minnesota posted a few words in support of free speech - that of
Tommy Robinson, to be quite specific.  He deleted these words of support of this fundamental human right because someone complained, objecting to his support of free speech.  Presumably this person thought Tommy Robinson was out of line in his criticism of so-called “grooming” gangs in his country. In this case, “grooming” means torturing, drugging and prostituting young schoolgirls, destroying their lives.  Is it wrong to hate this? I think not. I think, on the contrary, it is very wrong not to hate this.  We should all hate this kind of exploitation of innocent children.  But we are intimidated (or some of us are) by people who call our concern for these kids “hate”.  Okay. I’ll take that. I will admit to hating that. There are a lot of things a decent person must hate.  Including illegal immigration that drains our economy and endangers our safety and our freedom.  If that means the wall (which doesn’t exist so far) is a “monument to hate”, let’s accept that. It means we hate to be taken advantage of, we hate to be victimized, we hate to see our own freedom destroyed because someone wants to take what is not theirs.  

It is okay.  It is right to hate what is evil.  It is okay to hate cruelty, to hate enslavement, to hate theft of the legacy of freedom and opportunity that is ours.  It is okay to hate violence against the innocent, okay to hate those who would subject others to their crimes. We can hate a lot of things quite justly - crime, poverty, slavery, cruelty, without apologizing for it.  When an Ocasio-Cortez attempts to intimidate you because you seem to “hate” something, refuse to be bullied. Actually, I hate bullies, don’t you?

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