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Thursday, May 03, 2018


Tonight I found myself in agreement with Piers Morgan.  I know - unbelievable, right? This shows the depths to which the British health system has sunk.  Even Morgan, usually lined up with nanny state ideals, was deeply troubled by the treatment meted out to Alfie Evans, the little boy who was euthanized by the “medical” team at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, England, last week.

Morgan, a Catholic himself, weighed in to say he felt that the child’s parents should be allowed to take him home.  This was after the ventilator was removed and Alfie continued to live and breathe. He was horrified at the thought that the state could usurp the parents’ custody of the child.  This is a normal reaction. It must be - conservatives and Morgan are on the same side here.

And yes, it appears that Alfie was, indeed, euthanized.  It has been reported that a mere two hours before he was pronounced dead, his father, Tom, was called out for a “meeting” with officials of the hospital. With his mother, Kate semi-conscious, a nurse entered the room in Tom’s absence and administered four different drugs.  Within two hours the child was dead. No one seemed to have an explanation why four different drugs were given to the struggling child. It would appear that the hospital decided that enough was enough and they couldn’t afford to have Alfie continue to live. It was simply too embarrassing and the entire world was watching the horror story unfold.  No one was really agreeing with them and they couldn’t have the Italian helicopter waiting outside the door to rescue him any longer.

Here is a link.  Read this and make your own decision.  Then, if you, like Ben Shapiro and Piers Morgan and many others, are horrified and disgusted by this whole story, make sure that whomever you vote for this fall, and whoever represents you in Washington right now, knows that the US cannot EVER become such a terrorist state, that we will NEVER sign on to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, that we will NOT allow our country to be governed by the UN, that we will REPEAL Obamacare and that we will NOT REPLACE IT - WE WILL BURY IT.  We do not want or need government healthcare, one-payer health “insurance” or a nanny state to take care of us. Here we see the business end of the bat when it comes to government health care. It is what happened to Alfie Evans and many, many others. For Alfie is the tip of this iceberg - he is the one we know. For each one we know there are many thousands who just die quietly at the hands of the state.



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