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Sunday, August 19, 2018


What I really want to do here is to link an important article you might miss otherwise.  I continue to be horrified by the on-going persecution of Tommy Robinson by the British authorities.  He is currently out on bail, but will be back in court for another round on September 4, so keep watching.  It is my belief that the British government has no desire for him to live another year.  If that sounds extreme, take a look at him - before and after his last stint at Her Majesty's pleasure.  If he goes back he will surely be targeted and he cannot continue to avoid murder for another 11 months.  If, on the other hand, he remians free he might have a fighting chance, but just as Robert Spencer has revealed about America's own FBI and its collusion with terrorists in an apparent effort at ending his career, danger awaits outside as well (http://jamieglazov.com/2018/08/15/138519/, Robinson won't be safe anywhere in England.  

If he were not a terminal English patriot, he would seek asylum for himself and his family in Poland, where he is also well known.  

Which brings me to the reason I want this story in the Beacon.  I have talked to too many Americans who have looked at me blankly and said, "Tommy Who?" when I try to discuss the absolutely fundamental issue here.  And this is not "European" or "British" news.  It is news of our civilization and it will be American news tomorrow.  So please take a look at the article by Ben Garrison:


Several months ago I asked Minnesota District 7 Republican congressional candidate Dave Hughes to address the Tommy Robinson issue because we must understand that our rights are under the same threat as Robinson's.  He actually responded by posting a good statement on Facebook.  Within a few hours he had taken it down because he got some flak.  I don't think Hughes is congressional material.  It's sad.  But we should ask our congressmen, our senators and our candidates to speak up for Robinson.  This is egregious.  

We have absolutely no business carrying on with NATO as if we have a free Europe to defend.  There is nothing the Cold War Soviets could have done that would have been any worse than this.  We should officially reprimand Britain with at LEAST a Congressional resolution against their treatment of a human being.  The Brits waste no time criticizing America for punishing jihadists at Guantanamo.  Let's have a little honesty here, and maybe even justice.  And above all, let's quit thinking that Britain is an ally and part of the "free world". 


Click here to email your elected representatives.


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