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Thursday, August 09, 2018


As summer relentlessly proceeds towards its end, a number of compelling issues remain before us.  Firstly, since the conclusion of the brief series on the First Amendment, we see a continuation of abuse of this basic human right.  


Tommy Robinson hardly had time to celebrate his release from prison and the horrors that implies in formerly “Great” Britain.  He was kept in solitary confinement for two-plus months with no more than two visits with his family in that time. Never a husky individual, his confinement in an English prison resulted in his losing 40 pounds.  He has clearly been terrorized while confined and suffers post-traumatic stress. He spent about a week in relative freedom (whatever that is in Britain) before he received his summons to a retrial to be held on September 4.  


What has Robinson done to deserve this kind of treatment by a supposedly enlightened nation?  It is fashionable in some circles - even among those who oppose his arrest and punishment - to say they hate everything he stands for but he should be free to speak anyway.  These people rarely have ever read anything objective or factual about him, nor have they actually listened to anything he has said nor paid any attention to anything he has done or tried to accomplish.  They are correct about his right to speak even if he talks nonsense. They are wrong about the content of his message. To oppose Robinson on his message and his activism is to say you have no problem with abandoning children to rape gangs.  Acid attacks are okay with you.  You have no problem with Shari’a. You are okay with the beheading and abuse of returning veterans. If you are fine with all of that then, yes, Tommy Robinson’s message is an unsavory one and he isn’t much of a human being. In this case it is big of you and proper and even courageous that you speak up for his right to be ignorant and stupid in the press.  I would take issue with this point of view, by the way. So in any case, Robinson’s living nightmare (not to mention that of his wife and young children) continues apace in England. We should help in any way we can in this great cause of keeping communication open and free, not to mention opposing evil against our children. I hope people will go to savetommy.com to find out the latest news on this, to sign a petition to Britain’s Attorney General and to contribute to the crowdfunding effort (good lawyers are expensive).  


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we have Alex Jones, best known for some extreme stories which many discredit, has been shoved unceremoniously off of almost every platform on the internet - youtube, facebook, instagram, spotify, itunes, etc., ad nauseum.  This all took effect in a 24-hour period of time. Again, a lot of people have a big laugh at Jones and Infowars. As with many other “extreme” personalities, not everything he tells us is untrue.  But the question here really is not about Alex Jones and his freedom of speech.  What it has to do with is your freedom and mine. As long as Jones is on the air we can choose to hear him out and then decide what we think or not to even give him a chance to reach us by turning him off.  No harm done. But when he is disappeared from the public forum we are deprived of the choice.  Alex Jones can still think what he thinks, research what he wants, but it is we, the public, who are subjected to loss of freedom of speech and press.  We can’t hear what is silenced. We are the intended targets of shutting down people like Tommy Robinson in Britain and Alex Jones in the U.S. And make no mistake - these are the first, not the last, to be silenced.  You might not feel that Alex Jones off the air is that big a loss but you might object to Ben Shapiro being shut down or Mark Steyn or even someone like Rush Limbaugh.  Why stop there?  There is no more reason, after all, for taking Jones down than there is for shutting up Ben Shapiro or Tucker Carlson.  Or maybe Greg Gutfeld. Who knows who will be next? But in each case, the real target is you and your right to hear information or opinions from others. As we are silenced, one at a time, communication will atrophy. The “state” will become our only source for information - or the state and its approved spokesmen. This should be a chillingly grim prospect for everyone, whether you are an Infowars fan or not.  Meanwhile, Sarah Jeong, of the New York TImes, continues to ply her trade of general white hatred - "cancel Whites".  Doubtless her free speech will remain unchallenged.  Her philosophy is that individual guilt or innocence is immaterial - if you are white you deserve to die.  Sounds an awful lot like the guy with the comic moustache who ran the Third Reich.  In fact all of this sounds a lot like 1930's Germany, doesn't it? We have a modern-day version of book-burning - we shut down websites and youtube channels.  We are encouraged to hate Jews and now, Whites.  The same book which inspired MeinKampf, the Qu'ran, is revered and protected by the authorities.  It all looks too familiar.

Let’s see, what else is going on?  Well, Minnesota’s 5th District is living up to its reputation as an irresponsible collection of nuts.  There Congressman Keith Ellison (D) has vacated his seat in Congress to seek election as Minnesota’s Attorney General.  Of course his election would mean a pro-Shari’a activist in the top legal office in the state. But there’s more to come - the Democrats lost no time in hurriedly nominating someone to take his place in the U.S. House:  Ilhan Omar.  Omar is a Somali-born Muslim woman who is best known for having married her brother, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi - presumably for political reasons, and is currently married to two different men, which for the rest of us would mean jail.  Disclaimer: she denies that this Ahmed Nur Said Elmi is the same Ahmed Nur Said Elmi that she is married to, despite the fact that they also share the same birth date. There is also a photo of Ahmed proudly holding his newborn niece the day Ilhan Omar gave birth, although she claims she has had no contact with him for several years before that birth.  Well, you decide. You’ll have to figure it out for yourself because in culturally diverse Minnesota you won’t see her called to account for this. Instead you will find her on the ballot with a better than 50% chance of being elected to the United States Congress. Such is the moral condition of Minnesota and of Minnesota’s Democrats.


Also in Minnesota Republicans will be voting in the August 14 primary to select a candidate for Governor.  After sidestepping the party process and appealing to actual Republicans for support, Tim Pawlenty comes back like the proverbial bad penny to challenge the overwhelming choice of those willing to take the time to participate in the process, Jeff Johnson.  This has diverted funding from Johnson which would be better spent winning the general election in November and served to further divide those opposing another Democrat administration in St. Paul. His behavior has been an embarrassment. It is not that we should not have choices, but that Pawlenty, a seasoned politician, should have manipulated the process so as to avoid a fair run with all comers in the convention.  For what it's worth, I'm for Johnson.

We had another example of how good people with guns save lives.  In Titusville, Florida, at a back-to-school cookout a gunman began shooting at attendees.  Fortunately one citizen there had a concealed weapon and stopped the attack, shooting the gunman before he actually harmed anyone else.  The police were upstanding enough to appreciate this.  Had his gun been visible he would probably have been the first one shot.  This is why we need concealed weapons in the general public, and especially in our schools and other public places.  The Titusville event will probably not be referenced because there was no horrific loss of life or shedding of innocent blood.  It was quickly and decisively halted.  Had no one been there to stop this attempt at mass murder we would have had headlines for weeks.


In Grand Forks last year’s doomed effort to save a beautiful city park is replaced this year by an argument about whether we should have “bump-outs” at a major intersection downtown and the library issue remains simmering on a back burner.  Re the former, it is difficult to imagine that “bump-outs” will change human behavior; it is likely they will only modify it to the point of people standing outside of the bump outs waiting for a light to change. Re the latter, why worry about a library when the real problem we have is a basic pandemic functional illiteracy?  It would seem to make more sense to tackle the problem of failure to learn to read and then, when we have actual readers, go for the library. But that’s just me.


The summer has gone by all too quickly.  Sure, it’s not over quite yet but we can see fall from here, so enjoy what you can, please remember that fall will come, though, and the real world will be there waiting for us on the other side of summer.  Don’t fail to pay attention to the news, seek more opinions that what you find on ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC and even FOX. Look further. See if you can still find Ezra Levant, for example, or Mark Steyn. And if you live in Minnesota vote August 14.  If you don’t just be sure you vote in November. Perhaps we will have some interesting candidates in North Dakota this year. Personally I am looking forward to returning to work before year’s end after more than a year out of work due to injury.  Wish me luck. Note: we need to address North Dakota Workmen’s Comp system, too. There’s a lot wrong with that! Reform time.



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