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Wednesday, March 07, 2018


While we debate the concept of eliminating our Second Amendment, we should also consider that there are a lot of other ways to kill than with guns.  No one seemed to notice the attempted school killing that took place yesterday in St. George, Utah.


You mean you haven’t heard about this?  Why am I not surprised? There are a couple of reasons why the press is not flocking to “interview” (read “manipulate”) students at Pine View High School there.   The first is that the culturally diverse miscreant who intended to kill and maim his fellow students has been posting pro-ISIS comments and putting ISIS-themed grafitti ("ISIS is coming") on school walls, so he is not the kind of would-be killer the press wants us to know about.


The second is that he wasn’t using any kind of gun in his plan to kill innocent kids at school.  


An unidentified student was arrested after leaving a backpack in the school commons area of the high school, where kids would be blown up while on their lunch break.  Fortunately, another student noticed smoke coming from the backpack, the authorities were summoned, the building evacuated and bomb experts examined the backpack and determined that it contained a homemade bomb which had the potential to do devastating damage, killing and injuring many, had it detonated.  Upon going to the person’s house with a warrant, officials found evidence consistent with bomb-making and he was arrested and awaits further due process.


The point of recounting this deliberately obscure story is that it just happened yesterday and NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT, which means that either St. George, Utah, and its high school students are not as important as Parkland’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s kids, that perhaps lives were saved because of astute response by authorities, or, more likely because of the two reasons I think count the most - that no one wants to talk about Muslim violence or violence inspired by Islam in America, despite its threat to our safety, and that it did not serve any gun-grabbing agenda’s script because whatever he used, whether fertilizer or ammonia or nails and tacks and broken glass or whatever, is not covered by the Second Amendment and therefore, this incident would not make a case for its repeal.  


There are, as I have said many times before, innumerable ways to kill.  In Britain, “experts” at the West Middlesex University Hospital have recently advocated taking sharp knives away from the British people ("Save a life, Surrender your knife")  [http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/4581871.stm].  One can kill with these bombs, made with backpacks and pressure cookers, with poison, with fire.  There are people out there who look for ways to do this. But we can’t take everything away from people to “protect” them.  We need knives to cut steak if we are lucky enough to have it, and who knows? Maybe we will want to make something for dinner in the pressure cooker.  Of course glass, nails, tacks, etc, are all potentially dangerous, so someone might want to ban that.


All of this is to say that we should not be thinking about decimating our right to self-defense because we have evil people among us in society.  What we should do is take action when appropriate to protect innocent lives. Maybe the authorities were just a little more on the job, maybe a little less in bed with CAIR, maybe a little more dedicated to doing their job.  True, they probably should have aborted the risk earlier by investigating this kid when he posted pro-ISIS comments - just check him out - or when he put the grafitti on the walls, but at least when there was an ACT of violence, they did take action and they probably saved more than 17 lives.  That should figure for something in this discussion.



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