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Thursday, November 08, 2018


Minnesotans went to the polls on Tuesday and gave us further evidence that they have entered into some kind of suicide pact.  

Ihlan Omar was elected to represent Minnesota’s 5th U.S. Congressional District.  Omar has been totally unable to convincingly refute overwhelming evidence that she actually married her own brother.  That she adheres to Islamic custom as to dress (hijab) indicates that she is sincere in her commitment to furthering Islam and, thus, Sharia.  She is an adamant and passionate anti-Semite and anti-Israel activist. Good going, 5th District.

Minnesota had a solid candidate for Governor - Jeff Johnson.  He had a strong record supporting free enterprise, private-sector solutions, responsible immigration policy - he would have put a hold on resettlement until a proper vetting process could be employed.  He would have brought taxes down and relieved the stranglehold of over-regulation in the state. Instead, Minnesotans went out in miserable weather to cast their votes for nanny-statist Tim Walz. In other words, they hadn’t had enough with Dayton.  They needed MORE.

With a rare opportunity to fill not one, but two U.S. Senate seats, Minnesota stuck with Amy Klobuchar, who has come out in favor of admitting the unvetted, criminal- and terrorist-studded illegal caravan into our country and the colorless Dayton appointee, Tina Smith, rejecting the more wholesome Karin Housley and family-values candidate Jim Newberger.  Go figure.

The same dismal pattern repeated throughout the state with the shining exception of Tom Emmer in District 6.  

Perhaps the most disturbing feature of this year’s midterm election in Minnesota, however, was in the vote to elect a Sharia-advocating anti-Semite to the office of Attorney General.  Minnesota voters put this man, Keith Ellison, who has multiple charges of domestic abuse hanging over him in addition to a record of support for people accused and some convicted of cop abuse and even killing and an alliance with none other than Louis Farrakhan.   The same Farrakhan who was leading the “Death to America” chant in Iran, an anti-Semite who has referred to Jews as “termites”.  

Yes, these “tolerant”, “open-minded” Minnesota pablum-eaters rushed out to earnestly elect militant Jew-haters and welfare gurus.  

Sadly, Minnesota is following the example of its mother country - Sweden, which has nearly lost its own identity in a frenzy of trying to be “diverse”.  It is a tremendously high cost and it looks as though Minnesota has now decided to pay it too.  Election day was a stunning loss to Minnesotans.


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