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Thursday, July 19, 2018


This is especially for my readers who live in Minnesota - or who know people who liver in Minnesota or who have families or businesses or property in Minnesota.  This is really serious!


We all tend to hear news of the more “high-profile” races such as US Senate, House and our Governor races and they are all very important.  However, some of the less “glamorous” races are somewhat skimmed over as we rely on the “R” and “D” designations to tell us how to vote. This won’t work this year.


First, take a look at this short article from Jihad Watch.   Most of us know who and what Keith Ellison is.  One thing we know he is not is an advocate for Americans’ Bill of Rights.  He is a particular foe of the First Amendment, which should surprise no one because Ellison is a practicing Muslim who adheres to Islamic teaching.  Just what we should not have in the important office of Minnesota Attorney General, for which office he has been nominated by the Democratic party.


He will have a lot of backing.  Besides the usual union money and power and the large party organization in this state and the fact that one of their celebrities, Bernie Sanders, is actively stumping for him, he has another less visible advantage:  the array of those running against him. In other words, Ellison will have a basically united party behind him while his opposition is splintered. The casual anti-Ellison voter, when confronted with this in the voting booth might well either vote randomly - which would be a one-in-seven shot in the dark or not vote on the office at all, leaving the way clear for Ellison.  


Most of us can heartily agree that we need to avoid Ellison as an Attorney General, unless we want to see Minnesota become a Shari’a-cooperative and compliant state, with all that entails.  The problem is that we must unite and support one strong candidate against this real threat.  After reviewing the information provided to MPR (“Lots of Candidates . . . “) it appears that the best solution we have is to give 100% of our support to Doug Wardlow.  The ultra-brief statement provided in MPR’s article has the key clue buried in reference to his legal background:  he has defended property rights in court.


My reasons for not supporting the others:  Anderson - will support the state constitution (she does not say the US Constitution, which is interesting); Lessard - emphasizes protecting commitments to arts, heritage and conservation, which while heritage and conservation are good things, the last thing we need is government in the arts; Hillstrom - caps off her mission statement with a vow to “take on the Trump administration”, which may need taking on at some point but we don’t see it as a mission; Rothman -  who might be a good man but offers a narrow definition of his mission as being largely involved with insurance regulation, which is important but not likely to be the biggest challenge in that office in coming years; Pelikan - a definite “no” on this one - his goal is tighter gun laws.


When we see the importance of this office in Minnesota shaping public policy in the crucial years ahead, when issues of free speech, taxation and spending and immigration and resettlement will be at the fore, it is obvious that we must settle on one person to go against Ellison for that vital job.  


He obviously thinks it will be an easy win - after all, he already has a seat in the US House, where he could do plenty of damage.  But he is aware of how important this step would be in bringing his agenda into dominance in a large state like Minnesota. His in-your-face defiance of the First Amendment in the case of Amazon is a bellwether which should indicate where this could go if we don’t give it attention and soon.  

I strongly advocate that everyone get behind Wardlow for Attorney General in Minnesota.  Please make this a topic of conversation with your Minnesota folks! You can find Wardlow’s website here  One hopes that it is a work in progress, as it seems not to provide as much information as the MPR article’s reference.  Please support Wardlow with donations and your vote.



Click here to email your elected representatives.


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