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Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Many are convinced that America should end immigration of people identified as Muslim. Now we should consider whether those who are already here who so identify should be given loaded guns by our local governments. Over the weekend, a young woman called 911 in Minneapolis to report what she believed was a case of sexual assault near her home. It was her misfortune that one of the officers who responded was Mohammed Noor, a Somali, who had previously received complaints regarding the discharge of his duties.

Noor, an immigrant, holds a degree in Economics and Business Administration from Augsburg College and managed properties before becoming a police officer. One wonders why the change in career. As an officer he had been cited for his "even keel and calm demeanor" according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. It is unlikely that he shot Justine Damond in a rush of flightiness or confusion. According to reports, Ms Damond had called 911 and when the police responded, went out in her pajamas and was speaking with the officer in the driver's seat when Noor, in the passenger seat, shot her through the stomach, an act which left his partner, at the wheel, "stunned". What prompted this bizarre act? She obviously could not have been mistaken for a perpetrator of an attack; she could not have been thought to be concealing a weapon under her nightclothes. What could this woman possibly have said or done to trigger Noor's attack? Maybe because, ready for bed, she was scantily clad and offended the sensitive foreigner? Maybe because she was a woman and came out of her house unescorted by a male family member? Maybe because she was a non-Muslim woman? Maybe because she was a woman?

We will have to wait for answers until the independent investigation by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension delivers its report. Until then we have only questions. Among mine are why do we recruit immigrants to serve as armed police officers in positions of authority over others? Why do we admit people who are apparently unable adapt to our Western customs and laws? How carefully do we vet the people of any background who seek to become armed police officers in authority?

One of the "concerns" of the elders in the enormous Somali community in the Cities – the largest Somali population outside of Somalia itself – is that the younger generation is not identifying enough with their Somali culture.  You know, the one where women have no rights, little boys are abused and little girls mutilated and "infidels" are tortured and killed. The superior culture these people fled and threw themselves on America's mercy.  I advise these "elders" to pack up their families and LEAVE AMERICA FOR GOOD. For their good and for ours. Don't come to America and expect to perpetuate thefailed culture which drove you here in the first place. Don't come here and practice a "religion" or more correctly, a social and political system, which is absolutely incompatible with our way of life. Go home. This should be the idea - not waving more Somalis in to take jobs on our police force.

When Noor came on the police force everyone turned out in celebration. One would think that the Dalai Lama had joined up. We rolled out the red carpet for this red letter event. Other cops come and go but not Noor. He has been special in so many ways. To be fair, we don't know what the BCA will report. Maybe despite her lifelong passion for helping others and promoting physical and spiritual health through her career, and despite her degree in veterinary medicine and her love of people and animals, Ms Damond went berserk and frightened  Officer Noor. She didn't apparently alarm his partner. But let's keep an open mind. By the way, does anyone know whether Noor has been granted American citizenship?

In the meantime, what we do know is that a woman is dead, her fiancé, family and friends are in shock and mourning and the officer who fired the fatal shot has had numerous complaints, despite a reputation for "calm". The shooting has been ruled a homicide – that much we do know. We also know who pulled the trigger. The history of Noor's "calm demeanor and even keel" suggest a calm, fanatic, deliberate execution.

In the meantime, we should re-evaluate all hiring and retention of Muslim police officers. It makes no sense to bring into America a foreign population devoutly following a religious belief which under our law and by the tenets of the Qu'ran  demands what we know as criminal behavior – killing or dominating non-Muslms, violating the rights of women and minorities, abusing children in countless ways. It makes even less sense, once we have made that mistake, to put loaded guns in their hands and place them in authority over our citizens. Minneapolis has 9 Somali officers and we don't know how many other Muslim officers of other ethnicities. The time is past now for naïve, simplistic "non-discriminatory" hiring policies. We seriously need to clean this up because if the police lose the trust of the people we shall have chaos and lawlessness rampant throughout our country, in every hamlet and metropolis in America, and very soon. This is intolerable. After Ft. Hood, many questioned allowing a Muslim to serve in our armed forces. Now we need to look at our civilian police.

It is bad enough that our police training seems to put the Constitution last, as a sort of "oh, by the way, here's the Constitution". The first thing a police officer needs to understand is our law! That is our Constitution. Before we train them how to put the arm on a citizen we should make sure – absolutely sure – that they know they must act at all times with respect to the Constitution. We are not doing that now. Without question, our police training is inadequate and even, perhaps, perverse. And that is not confined to immigrant officers or any other minority. It is a blanket neglect. This neglect has also resulted in another innocent life lost to the police – Philando Castile. Despite this, Noor and his partner, although wearing body cams, had them turned off. No wonder we are having problems in the Cities.

If someone out there can read the Qu'ran with an open mind – read the words, absorb the ideation therein and then tell the rest of us how it can reconcile with our Constitution, the law of OUR land, please come forward and explain it all. Because we cannot keep calling black "white" or up "down". We need to desert Neverland for the real world – NOW.

The case of the murder of a black school employee, Philando Castile, by a St. Anthony police officer, was protested, eventually violently, as "racist". Will we now see a whitewashing of the investigation of Noor because his victim was white? Or non-Muslim? We have lost our way as a nation when we permit any of this. It is time to renew our founders' dedication to civil rights and end this abuse. If we don't, we risk a fatal polarization of our citizens and the police. In the meantime, Minneapolis citizens will have to follow the example of other corrupt cities such as Memphis, Tennessee, where you handle things yourself without recourse to 911.

Meamwhile, Justine Damond is dead because - and only because - of political correctness.  And by the way . . . what ever happened to the alleged rape victim and her attacker? Did anyone ever bother with them?

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