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Monday, September 26, 2016


Cruz’s endorsement has had a lot of us wondering what HE was thinking.  What about what TRUMP was thinking?  After months of thumbing his nose at conservative grassroots and proclaiming that he didn’t want Cruz’s endorsement and planned to do away with him politically, why all of a sudden was it so blamed important to rope Cruz in?

There could be a number of reasons.  Clearly the pressure on Cruz to endorse had nothing whatsoever to do with any hope that it would earn a single vote for Trump.  Everyone who has supported Cruz is basically a person who is sentient, self-motivated and who is fully capable of thinking for himself.  They supported Cruz because they believed he would stand by his principles and they believed in those principles and knew them to be good for America.  That is why he had a “following”.  Not because he was a folk hero or a reality television superstar or a real estate magnate or a tabloid celebrity.  Only because of the principles he has acted upon.

The reason he needed to be pressured into this endorsement, and why Reince Priebus and other corrupted Republicans twisted his arm out of its socket to effect it, is not because it would help Trump, but solely because they knew it would hurt Cruz – and perhaps be fatal to his future political career which they feared, as they had feared him this campaign season, the same reason they sought to promote anyone they could, even spaghetti on the wall, over a Cruz presidential ticket.  They feared him because he voiced the concerns of true patriots and appeared to be unafraid to do so, and unwilling to sell his soul, unlike every other politician in the ring this year.  They needed to bring him down.

Trump, who has been largely off-hand, whose thanks to Cruz we have not heard yet, despite its cost to him,  has spent the last several months punching below the belt – insulting Cruz where it should be expected to hurt an honorable man the most – his wife, his parents, his honor itself.  His wife was labeled “ugly”, his father a traitor who had assassinated President Kennedy and himself a philanderer with at least five mistresses.  All false accusations made by a real coward, like all such accusations are.  But it might have been of some practical use to Trump after all – maybe his legal team suggested that if he plans to gut the libel laws so that he can cow any reporter who dares to tell the truth about him by suing him for libel, Cruz might avail himself of such “libel law reform” and sue the baggy pants off of Trump for the libel that made his wife an ugly hag, his father a murderer and himself an adulterer in the press.  That might have been a powerful argument to Trump not to turn down the honor, even if afterwards he spurned it. 

Well, for selling out Cruz will get what he deserves.  Now, having basically urged Americans to vote for this bastard for President of the United States, he will be in no position to press any action against Trump and these disgusting claims will stand unanswered.  It all works out – Cruz gets what he deserves for selling out to Americans.  Trump?  Well, let’s just hope he doesn’t become President.  He has far worse plans for us than even Hillary does.  Sorry, folks, #Never, ever, ever Trump.

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