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Sunday, November 12, 2017


After a hard-fought primary season Alabama handed Judge Roy Moore a convincing victory last month in his bid for the U.S. Senate.  He overcame President Trump’s heavy-handed campaigning for crony appointed Senator Luther Strange to deliver the conservative cause a decisive victory.  But before the confetti could be scattered about we found ourselves in the throes of another dilemma.

Numerous charges have now been flung at Moore by women who claim they were molested by him when they were teenagers and Moore was in his 30’s.  What are we – and what is the GOP – to do about this?  By law, the GOP ticket must stand pat or disappear altogether, because “sore loser” laws in Alabama forbid last-minute changes on the ballot.  Either Moore runs or the Democrat will win by default, unless a phenomenal write-in campaign for a credible Republican or Conservative candidate can be mounted on short notice.   Personally, this is what I would like to see happen.

There was a third candidate, Mo Brooks.  Brooks has been a solid conservative Republican, a known quantity.  Unfortunately he wasn’t “colorful” enough or well enough connected to the Party’s power center, the crony club, to win the nomination.  It seems being a straight-up, honest candidate gives one the least possible support these days.  I would have much preferred Brooks, who did not employ religion so lavishly in his appeal.    Brooks’ commitment to the Constitution is unquestioned and he has a history which compells trust.  He just wasn’t flashy enough or corrupt enough to make it.

With Brooks eliminated, I would have voted for Moore.  After all, he has consistently supported the Constitution, which is my yardstick.  Strange was a typical establishment candidate, so I couldn’t have supported him – might as well have the Democrat, properly named.  Now, like so many others, I am in a quandary.  How far can we go in support of someone who has actually admitted being drawn to dating very young girls?  And it seems he has.  To be clear on this, the “age of consent” in Alabama is 16.  Does that mean it’s a good idea for a mature man to date a 16-year-old? (It should here be noted that Moore has denied the relationship with the 14-year-old girl. She would appear to have been about 17 at the time of the alleged encounter.) Our society does not generally approve.  My granny used to tell us that it is never enough to avoid "evil"; we must avoid even the "appearance of evil".  

We cannot discount the happy coincidence for Democrats in the timing of these revelations.  Why did none of this come out during or before primary season?  This looks conspiratorial at worst and manipulative at best.  It certainly disposes handily of a viable Senate candidate when the Senate is in a precarious balancing act at the moment.  And we must note the “coincidence” of one of the accusers having been employed as a sign-language expert with not one, but several prominent Democrats.  Deborah Wesson Gibson worked for and posed for celebrity photos with Hilary Clinton, Joe Biden and Democratic Senators Patrick Murphy and Bill Nelson, of Florida.  Perhaps we should take her off the list in fairness and look at the other allegations without hers.  It is a sad echo of the campaign of the Left against Clarence Thomas. 

I personally doubt that Moore did anything actionable in all of this.  If he was over 30, the young ladies were 16 or over (excepting the one he denies), which Alabamans think is “old enough” for consensual dating.  He has said, and Miss Gibson corroborates, that he did not date any of these girls without their mothers’ permission.  That is an honorable condition.  Of course, we should maybe blame some of these mothers if this was wrong.  Maybe they should not be pimping their daughters out so readily.  And no one has accused Moore of more than kissing and touching.  No one has charged him with rape or with forcing her.  So, had Moore been in his 40’s and they in their 20’s it would not have been a story or an impropriety at all.  In the instance, however, Moore was a young man who found himself attracted to younger ladies, which is very typical in our society.  Few men date or marry women significantly older than themselves and when they do the appellation “cougar” is instantly attached to the woman.There is a real stigma there.  That said, when anyone uses a position of power or authority to gain sexual favors it is WRONG.  So what does all this mean?  

It probably means that Moore found teen girls very attractive (which is generally the goal of teen girls) and presumed to date some of them, even going so far as to procure alcohol for them.  They didn’t accuse him of getting them drunk or of imposing on them in a drunken state.  They merely said he kissed and touched them.  Certainly tame stuff compared with Donald Trump’s romps on Epstein's "Pleasure Island" or Bill Clinton’s under the desk in the Oval Office.  But, nonetheless, proving my granny right once more, he showed poor judgment, even if he had their moms' ok's.  He took advantage of a situation which put him in the wrong.  This is not “criminal” or even close.  It is just terrible judgment. And as such it diminishes Moore and his potential effectiveness as a leader.  What a waste! I would say this is all moot, for at this point it is now almost impossible for Moore to win this race. 

I don’t know what I would do now if I voted in Alabama.  I could not wish for another Democrat in the Senate and I would be mourning the loss of the vision of a strong, conservative, moral leader in Moore.  I guess I would start that write-in campaign for Mo Brooks, toute suite.  

One thing we definitely do NOT need in all of this is any opinion from Donald Trump.  If there is anyone on Planet Earth this side of Harvey Weinstein who should keep his mouth tightly shut on the topic of conduct or judgment of others it is Trump.  It just makes him and the whole GOP look ridiculous.


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