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Saturday, October 01, 2016


It is too bad that in the debate of Monday, the 26th, there was no one on stage to argue for a conservative cause and agenda.  We had two candidates whose main differences were nitpicking over the weight and appearance of a former Miss Universe, a “Republican” candidate whining that no one was out there calling Sean Hannity for backup for his false claim that he never backed the Iraq war, while Trump accused Hillary of supporting the Trans Pacific Partnership.  He can change his mind but apparently she cannot, according to Trump’s rules.   It is safe to say that Trump has no earthly idea what went on in the plotting of the Trans Pacific Partnership.  He could have asked Ted Cruz.

Most of the time the two were busy agreeing with each other.  They both agree on climate change, which no thinking person should credit, given the overwhelming evidence against man-made climate change.  Those of us who see through this know it is nothing but another government boondoggle meant to take our money for crony capitalists (they both have stables of these) and strip us of our freedom and our economy.  Who there argued against the debunked theory of man-made climate change? 

They both agree on government-funded daycare.  Great!  Another larceny against the taxpayer.  The only difference, according to Trump is how much.  And he has already said he would double Hillary’s spending.  I guess that was supposed to get us to his camp in droves.  No one there argued that this is not the role of the federal government, nor any agency under the Executive branch.  So we didn’t have this conversation at all.

They both want to use the no-fly list to grab guns from American citizens.  Oh, it sounds great.  But the no-fly list is just a way to take away our right to due process and our 2nd Amendment rights.  Anyone can be placed on a no-fly list without even their knowledge of the fact.  There is no opportunity to sort out mistakes, there is no recourse.  And therefore, anyone they don’t want to own a gun can be put on a no-fly list.  Works just great.  Trump even went farther than Hillary in gutting the Constitution – he favors stop and frisk – he wants to make it national, which is a direct violation of the 4th Amendment, and Hillary is willing to abandon it.  Note:  “stop and frisk” is only effective if we REPEAL THE 2ND AMENDMENT!  This kind of thinking is probably due to Trump having spent his entire waking life in New York, where guns are illegal.  There are ways of stopping or reducing crime that don’t mean losing our Constitutional rights.  Those are the ways a conservative would fight crime.  Hillary advocates the federal government “retraining” our local police to create better race relations.  Who up there argued that we don’t want local police beholden to the federal government (even if the police do) – that this is why we have never had a police state.  No one.  Certainly this concept was far beyond Trump’s limited scope.  So we didn’t have that discussion.  There is no provision in our Constitution for the federal government to take any part in local police activities or training or funding.   And that’s a good thing.

As they moved on to issues like cyber security Trump was obviously out of his league, blathering about his 10-year-old son’s prowess with computers and repeating how we should have “taken the oil”, arguing for plundering when we go to war.  It was incoherent for the most part, and here was an area where he could have scored points against Hillary.  What of all the insecure information and devices she has been responsible for?  But no one up there was prepared to do that.  Instead, she scored against Trump, calling him out for asking the Russian government to hack into her emails and deliver them.  She made him look like a nut job.  Not too difficult.  Who up there mentioned the Internet Freedom issue?  No one did because there was no conservative up there.

Hillary took Trump to task about his serial bankruptcies and raised the spectre of his threat this summer to “negotiate” the federal debt.  All he said in defense of that was that the law allows him to file for bankruptcy, so why not?  After all, this is how “business” works for Trump.  She brought up the many instances where Trump and his companies have “stiffed” workers – his defense?  “Maybe the workmanship wasn’t good enough.”  Unfortunately, there are a lot of businessmen and workmen who have experienced being stiffed in this way and they won’t enjoy reliving the experience in memory.  Despite her reputation as Bill Clinton’s enabler and their horrible record of mistreating innocent women, she was able to land a few blows by bringing up his referring to women as “dogs” and “pigs”, and cited the Miss Universe instance.  Now, who really cares about the weight gain of a former Miss Universe?  But she got him on this one too – he went off about how they’d had “problems” with her and she had been “difficult”.  He allegedly called her “Miss Piggy” because of her weight and “Miss Housekeeping” because she was Hispanic.  He denied neither epithet.  In fact, he doubled down.  The following morning he was on Fox and Friends tattling about her and what a “disaster” she was.  Not satisfied with this and out to wreak revenge on Ms Machado, the subject of this discussion, Trump alleged on Twitter in the middle of the night that she had porn videos and that we should all watch them.  It turns out she has not made any porn videos or movies, but that the man was up all night fuming over this is sick.  What is also sick is a culture that has young women’s worth assessed on the basis of their weight.  No wonder we have people sick with eating disorders and depression!  Then he alleged that the Clintons bought her off with help on her citizenship.  He’s in a poor position to argue any of this when he has numerous “models” from Europe that he has brought here who are stating that his organization tutored them on how to get around Immigration and work here without proper documentation.  Had there been anything resembling a conservative, thinking candidate up there this conversation would never have taken place, but when we are represented by a crooked buffoon, the gates are wide open for any kind of attack by Hillary, however, unimportant.  It’s easy to make him look bad.  He is.  It is doubtful if anyone out there really cares about this unless it is Trump or a Las Vegas showman, but if there is anyone else interested, it is probably some Wal-Mart shopper who would dearly love to lose about 50 pounds.  It is doubtful whether this conversation would bring any more votes to his camp. 

When Hillary called on Trump to release his Income Tax returns, in a schoolyard come-back, Trump said he would when she released her emails.  While this is satisfying in a fourth-grade sort of way, it still leaves the voters’ questions unanswered.  We should be able to see those emails of Hillary’s.  True.  But that is not relevant to the question of Trump’s tax returns.  We are still left unanswered on this and he thought a childish retort to Hillary would clear things with us.  Not so.  Just because she is disrespecting Americans does not mean that WE are okay with Trump disrespecting us.  And it is arguable that Trump’s tax returns are actually more pertinent to deciding on our vote than Hillary’s emails.  We can speculate all day about those, but Trump’s tax returns could contain some very important information – who, exactly, in Russia, does he owe money or loyalty to?  How much money?  Who else does he owe?  The Mob?  The Saudis?  Perhaps the Chinese?  We have no idea what will influence his decisions.  He says he is the world’s greatest deal maker.  So what kinds of deals should we expect here?  Deals on Ukrainian independence?  What about the Baltic states?  Putin has been very supportive of his favorite Western puppy of late.  Let’s demand this!  He should not be on the ballot if he has not shown us the goods here.  I think we all know he has paid no income tax.  I think we should all be more concerned about whom he owes and what.

So in effect, went the night.  One liberal Democrat bashing another liberal Democrat posing as a Republican, with the nominal Democrat scoring most of the points.  She, for the record, looked up to the task, surprisingly healthy, considering the concerns of a week earlier, while he looked his usual  - old, bloated and overweight, hardly likely to be mistaken for a “10” himself, and sniffing conspicuously as she stood there holding her composure and appearing the saner of the two.  It is a sad year for conservatives and a sad year for America.  There was no real debate on Monday, just a lot of personal insults and inaccuracies.  And Trump was to blame for most of those.  And his vocabulary of about 250 words isn’t helping either.

If anything, this performance should serve to reinforce the “never Trump” position into which we’ve been forced by a feckless Republican National Committee.   We, the voters, are thus presented with two unacceptable choices in November.  Thanks, Reince.  We’ll remember you.

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