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Monday, October 10, 2016


Today House Speaker Paul Ryan advised Congressional candidates that they should support or dump Presidential candidate Donald Trump depending upon what will help them to win their elections as well as their own consciences.  Trump’s presence on the GOP ticket is having a disastrous effect on these vital elections. 

Clearly we need a Republican – and hopefully a strong, conservative – Congress now more than ever before.  As Trump tanks in the polls and Hillary rises inevitably to claim the White House, we desperately need to retain control of the House and Senate! 

But Trump, idiot or Democrat plant or both, as the case may be, is attempting to attack Ryan for this in a fit of personal pique.  He bellows that Ryan should leave the elections alone and stick to “balancing the budget” and dealing with immigration and other matters.  Of course he should.  But if Trump doesn’t know how Congress works we should not be surprised – we know he is ignorant of our Constitution and our form of government.  He thinks it is a dictatorship he’s running for.  It could also be that as a Democrat plant he is doing exactly what Hillary hopes.  He certainly is doing that, whatever is motivating him, as he openly threatens any who move away from his candidacy or any he doesn’t like, with ruining them in the polls.

But unless Ryan retains the office of Speaker he can’t do any of the things he promises you.  He can't get confirmation of a justice "like Scalia" who respects the 2nd Amendment.  Not without a Senate that will uphold it and confirm.  He can effect any reforms in spending without Ryan on his team.  And conversely, a Democrat-controlled House and Senate (which Trump appears to want) will give him nothing but trouble if he really wants to do what he says.  Maybe if he got elected he would want an excuse for NOT accomplishing what he tells YOU he will do.  He is an old hand with scapegoats.  Someone else always needs to be there to blame.  For a President Trump the buck would stop in the House.  Conversely, for Hillary, his attacks on Ryan and other Congressional candidates is great!  She will have no obstacle if he gets his way with the congressional elections.  Without a strong Republican majority in the House and Senate Hillary – who will be President in January of 2017 – will have no obstacle in her path whatever direction she goes. 

Unless Trump becomes an asset to the Republican Party, which he clearly is not now, he should keep his mouth shut with regard to any strategy a Congressman or Senator or Speaker thinks best to retain his seat in Congress.  He can contribute nothing here. 

Ryan is no hero.  He lost any claim to that when he capitulated on the budget with Obama’s administration.  But at this point we need to stop Hillary.  This will be impossible unless these people are there to stop it.  We know Nancy Pelosi won’t stop her and we can only hope that Ryan will do more than she.  We have no better option there now, thanks to the wrong-headed convention in Cleveland. So sit down and shut up Donald.  You have done just about enough to destroy this nation.  You have completed the work that Obama couldn’t.  Thanks.  Now please don’t let us hear your liberal New York accent again this year. 

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