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Thursday, April 26, 2018


As the story of Alfie Evans continues relentlessly to its end, we see the iron fist of the state raised again and again against the people - of Britain, in this case.  But it is the same with all totalitarian states and it will be in America one day unless we are taking careful notes now to avoid it.


It is not enough that a failed national health service is incapable of providing any real benefit to a sick child, Alfie Evans, or even to be competent to diagnose what is making him ill and killing him.  It is not enough that they have provided no options for his parents. It is not enough that in spite of international outrage over their treatment of these three innocent people and the intervention of the Pope, and the government of Italy in conferring Italian citizenship on the little boy and defending his right to life from the Italian Embassy in London, that the gods of Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool have forced him to remain imprisoned in their facility where they refuse to help him even to the point of denying him oxygen, food and water.  No, that is not enough.


It’s not enough because Tom Evans, the father, has not buckled.   Or hadn’t soon enough to please the courts. Tom and Kate Evans have not sufficiently bowed to the will of the state in sacrificing their little son to the state’s superior wisdom.  Evans has, it is rumored, been considering charging some of the doctors at Alder Hey with conspiracy to murder his son. Now, to you and me this might seem not only fair but completely logical.  After all, they don’t NEED his blood on their hands. There are alternatives open to Alder Hey. They could hand the boy off to the Italians, let the German pilots take him safely out of their country and to a hospital who can do its best for better or worse.  


There would be no down side medically speaking.  The authorities at Alder Hey have announced that the child is incapable of feeling either pain or pleasure.  They aren’t really worried that he will not be taken care of - after all, they are refusing basic care at Alder Hey itself.  Someone who is withholding food, water and air to breathe would seem in a poor position to criticize anyone else’s efforts. So it is not a medical thing.  There can also be no doubt about the parents’ heartfelt desire to help their son and there is a guarantee that they would provide loving care. They have hardly left his side through this ordeal and then only to seek help for him.  So the child’s welfare has never been the issue.


I said Tuesday that it was about state power and their need to demonstrate this power, much like Stalin felt the need to assert his dominance over the people of Russia . . . or the Islamic State to exert power over stray Christians among them.  It is to let the rest of Britain and the rest of us know that they are in charge and it is nothing else. It was a virtual kidnapping to bring loving parents to their knees. The statement read out today by Tom Evans looked and sounded like something read in a Soviet show trial.  That is what this is. That is what Great Britain has become.


The dead giveaway is here (from the Telegraph):  Merseyside Police on Wednesday evening warned that any threats or malicious comments made on social media against staff at Alder Hey would be investigated and could lead to prosecutions.

Chief Inspector Chris Gibson said: "I would like to make people aware that these posts are being monitored and remind social media users that any offences including malicious communications and threatening behaviour will be investigated and where necessary will be acted upon."

And there it is, folks - the hammer.   Anyone caught posting (and you WILL be monitored) will be investigated and their communications and behavior, where necessary, will be acted upon.  This is chilling.

The state, you see, cannot tolerate any freedom of communication or expression.  This is the sign that the subjugation of the British by their own government is complete.  There is no place in their world for freedom of movement - Alfie and his parents are being forcibly detained at Alder Hey and in Liverpool (for they are not free while their child is held hostage).  There is no freedom of expression - neither by Mr. Evans, who is heartbroken at his child’s dilemma nor by the thousands upon thousands of supporters and well-wishers who feel they have a connection with this family.  And with abolition of expression follows abolition of freedom of thought itself, for thought must find expression if it is to be thought. Otherwise it is a canker that eats the thinker out.

So we see socialism.  The workers’ paradise envisioned by socialists and Marxists from Leningrad to Oregon.  There is no compromise, you see. If you do not fight with all your heart and soul against totalitarianism and oppression, whether it is the Evans or Gard families in England, the dissidents of Brezhnev’s Soviet Union or the potentates of silicon valley, you will eventually lose everything you have, everything that is dear to you.  

Our fight is here and now - it is not across the Atlantic Ocean, even though the headlines are there.  It is here in our midst, make no mistake. Any time you find that your local newspaper refuses to publish your letter it is here.  Any time you are blocked on facebook or twitter it is here. Anytime you think twice before you utter an opinion at work, or out with friends, it is there, too.  We censor ourselves so as to anticipate the fist of authority. We try to beat them to the punch with our silence, so we aren’t made the next example. Ours has become a culture not of “safety” and “comfort” as our college campus snowflakes and the politics of balkanization would have us believe, but rather a culture of fear - fear of what someone will rat us out on, what the “authorities” will do if they hear about us.  

Franklin Roosevelt did not say very much I agree with, but when he said “All we have to fear is fear itself,” he said a mouthful.  Right now we have our abstract fear.  Next we will have what the British have - fear of speaking out, fear of authority obliterating us.  Our fear is enslaving us already. If you know someone who is of a temperament to hide when strong opinions are voiced, don’t shut up for them.  Gently explain the reality: unless you want to be a slave, a serf, and pass that legacy on to your children, you must not only speak up but tolerate the speech of others.  We see the importance of the First Amendment to the US Constitution when we look at the father of Alfie Evans, when we hear his supporters silenced by a tyrant.



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