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Friday, December 21, 2018


This is going to be short and to the point.

In the season of plenty, the season of joy and giving, my son’s hours have been cut at his regular job.

This means he will be seeking another job.  Maybe another part-time job, maybe a different job altoghether if he can find one.  This is not a good sign. It is especially a bad sign for me because I, too, need to find work.  I have been out of work for over a year and a half due to a disabling injury. Now that I am recovering sufficiently to work I need to start over.  This is not an option. I have no retirement “plan”. There is no “Plan B”. I will work until I die, unless the Publishers’ Clearing House van pulls up in time.  

The reason for writing about this angst is because it matters when a Republican president and a Republican Congress and Senate fail to repeal the evil works of a Democrat predecessor:  Obamacare.

It is not enough, although welcome, to get rid of the individual mandate.  It is not enough because it hobbles the economy and stalls or blocks growth when an employer is left on the hook for this.  It is not bad enough that Obamacare virtually guarantees second- or third-rate medical care for Americans. It also destroys growth in business at all levels.  When a local business must cut hours to avoid taxes such as Obamacare, in addition to other increases in costs, it is the working poor who pay the price.

Republican politicians have pretty much destroyed the integrity of the party by governing as wealthy, disconnected “aristocrats” who live in gated communities or expensive estates, in every way attempting to fulfill the image of them which Democrats have promoted, and living up to the expectations of the greatest skeptics.  HIstory will not be kind to these stupid legislators and administrators who are calling themselves “Republican”.

The Republican Party is chock-full of corrupt, twisted politicians who are complicit in the many shady operations of city and state politics, crony capitalism.  If you doubt me just check up on the movers and shakers on your own city council. You will undoubtedly find that a lot of the apparently successful business enterprises in town are subsudized by you - the taxpayer.

You will find that Republicans will continue to get away with doing nothing when they are in power and will use excuses of not being in power when they are beaten at the polls as they were this time - for lack of doing anything when they had it.  This is why I call myself an Independent. The name “Republican” has a stink that goes with it for anyone with principles.

There might always be a few principled Republicans who actually work hard to advance the values the party claims as its own, but they will continue to be the minority.

So, the sad moral to this story is:  don’t look to our political system or to the Republican Party to put this country on a course back to freedom and prosperity.  It will be up to you as an individual to fight this party just as you have had to fight the other party to get anything done right.  Sad news indeed for those who are losing gainful employment at Christmas time. What Obama started the Republican Party allowed to become entrenched during its years of power in Washington.  No surprise that they lost big in 2018.


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