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Monday, June 04, 2018


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The recent uproar about the arrest of Tommy Robinson has brought to the fore a festering issue which affects not only Britain, not only the Commonwealth or Europe, but right here in the United States.   This is not specifically about Islam, it is not about any other specific interest group. It is far more profound - it is about freedom of speech.

Free speech is indispensable to a free people.  One reason the struggle of Tommy Robinson is important to us is because he is repeatedly punished for speaking out about the implications of Islam, about evils in the British government, corruption which is allowing sex slavery of very young girls to flourish right in the presence of the British people.  It could not be occurring without the cooperation of government and police. Why?

I believe it has a lot to do with the class structure in Britain.  Unlike the US and, for the most part, Canada, with which we are more familiar, British life is very stratified.  There is the working class, tradesmen, shopkeepers, farmers, factory workers, etc., then there is a “middle class” which would include white-collar people, teachers, perhaps, mid-level managers, some very successful, and the “upper classes”, peers, higher government and social levels of people, those who attend the famous “public schools”, the ones who inherit estates and titles, who “stand” for parliament, in other words, the ones who really matter.  In England, it is possible for these aristocrats to see the sun sparkling on the surface of the water but they have no idea what is in the murky water near - the bottom. And they don’t care.

Robinson, aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, is of the so-called “working class”.  He is hard-working, devoted to his family, friends and community - a community unknown to the people who make policy.  He has said that the people of his class, of his neighborhood and town, do not trouble themselves with politics. Until recently they have had little stake in it, they have lived much the same regardless of the party in power - they have been neither rich enough nor poor enough for it to matter.  Until recently.

The British government, like other EU governments, has been importing migrants from Islamic regions and planting them in English towns and villages and certain neighborhoods.  Suiddenly the quiet, uneventful English lifestyle of the working class British family has been upended. Girls have been lured into the sex slave trade mainly run by Muslims - girls they know, relatives, little kids of 11 or 12 years of age.  Now it does matter. Now the men and boys of England’s working class are objecting, led by Robinson. He has been speaking out now for 10 years, since founding a protest movement, the English Defence League. He left the EDL because such movements do attract some racists and anti-semites and he could not get them out.  Robinson is, if anything, a very open-minded guy when it comes to diverse cultures. He grew up in Luton, which has a richness of diverse cultures represented. Until Islam arrived in large numbers, there was no real cultural strife. Then Islam became a factor.

This is the background.  Yesterday my article on Robinson’s arrest was published in the  American Thinker.  You can see it here.

We need to watch this and learn.  Are we setting up a class system here?  Are some people’s rights more important than others?  Because in England, the upper classes are only now finding out that there is a problem among the people of their working classes.  It might be too late. In the time it took for them to discover this, thousands upon thousands of innocent young girls have become tragic victims of this sordid scandal.  We cannot fault Robinson for persisting in calling it out. It matters to him as it should, and should matter to all of us. Let me know what you think! Sally Morris

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