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Saturday, October 08, 2016


I got an email from Free the Delegates after a month or so hiatus.  In the aftermath of the released video recording of Trump’s obscene remarks regarding women and what a stud he is, they are renewing their efforts to dump him from the ticket.  We are asked to call our national committeemen and persuade them that there are adequate legal grounds to take Trump off the ticket and replace him.

I thought about this for about 20 seconds.  I recall trying to talk to committeemen in two states in an effort to get them to see this man for what he is.  I got uniform treatment from all of them.  I even got a phone call from one of them who was beyond rude.  None of them wanted to hear that Trump wasn’t the best idea since the Revolution.  I suppose they still think so.  I won’t be calling them again.  I think, on the contrary, that the Republican Party, of which I considered myself a member for 50 years, has exactly the right candidate to represent what they have become.

They care nothing for the Constitution.  Neither does Trump.  He hasn’t ever read it.  And he doesn’t have time to cram now anyway.   They care nothing about the budget or the fact that America is now $20 trillion in debt with no light at the end of the tunnel and have contributed hugely to that debt by supporting every Democrat spending plan.  Trump has said he will double Hillary’s spending.  They have looked the other way while Planned Parenthood dismembered infants for profit.  Trump has a history of favoring partial birth abortion and said his sister, a judge who agrees with that, would be a great Supreme Court nominee.  They have gone along with subsidies for crony capitalists of every kind, from solar energy to corn.  They are okay with the flimsy arguments for “global climate change”.  So is Trump.  No climate change denier, he.  They have gone along with Obama’s push for amnesty.  Trump talks one way, but his life has been a different story, with him employing foreigners, legal and otherwise, in order to cut corners on his projects.  Wherever you look in Washington you see Republicans selling out.  Just look!  This is the party of John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Reince Priebus.  This is absolutely a perfect fit for a man who has no morals, to whom everything is on the auction block, who has no acquaintance with our founding documents, who considers himself the best deal maker in the world, with the best words and the best brain. 

To those who see Mike Pence as the savior who could step up to the top of the ticket, or perhaps get off of this one, it is too late for Pence.  He owns this man.  Or rather Trump owns Pence.  We all saw him take ownership of Pence the morning after his nomination, when he had Pence stand next to him while he again accused Rafael Cruz of plotting to murder John Kennedy.  Pence could have left then.  He didn’t.  He knew from Day One what Trump was and he was okay with that.  He is of no use to anyone now, including Free the Delegates.  Pence is a coward.  He might as well stay where he is too.

The Republican Party deserves – richly deserves – Donald Trump.  He is the symbol for a party and a nation that has rotted out.  I will not be voting for him, of course.  I am not available to support a person of this caliber for anything, much less President of the United States and leader of the free world.  But I am also not available to try to save the Republican Party from itself.  It is self-destructing as surely as a dragon fly in a candle flame.  They wanted this.  They have it.  I would say, burn, baby, burn.  The sooner the Republican Party is buried the sooner we can build something worthwhile.

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