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Monday, November 07, 2016


The ichneumodinae are a kind of wasp.  Like many of their kind, they are predators.  The female stings its prey.  She doesn't kill it, however.  She merely stuns it and injects her eggs into the insect’s body.  The insect goes on as though living for itself, but as the host grows, the eggs hatch and eat it alive. 

This might be an allegory to consider with regard to conservatives who are calling for a constitutional convention to right the wrongs of the last hundred or so years of congressional neglect of the Constitution we have which SHOULD be the “law of the land” but is instead regarded by Democrats as a “very restrictive document” and by Republicans, oddly enough, as an old piece of parchment bathroom tissue.

We have seen persistent drum beating calling for us to all run, like the oysters in Alice in Wonderland, to sign petitions to upend the Constitution and bring on a Brave New World, together with all of the other orders at large in America these days, including the Muslim Brotherhood, who seek to impose Sharia; those who would simply like to see Spanish as an “official language”; the many who are using every incident of violence, apropos or not, to grab our guns and repeal the 2nd Amendment; Black Lives Matter, who would refuse to allow us even to SAY “all lives matter”; Socialists and Democrats, RINOs who make the deals with them; extremist environmentalists; those who advocate for cross-dressing men to use the girls’ bathrooms; those who would eliminate our 1st Amendment protection of freedom of expression to suppress religious freedom – or, like Trump – simply to make it possible to silence criticism by “loosening” the libel laws; so-called “educators” who have rendered two generations nearly illiterate under their watch; Planned Parenthood, who expects taxpayers to fund their killing and dismembering innocent, unborn children; advocates of eugenics; those who would submit America to world court jurisprudence or simply make foreign law a part of our own jurisprudence; those who would use trade agreements to rob America of her sovereignty and those who would bankrupt our nation with outrageous and unrestrained spending.  These and more are what the tea party patriots calling for a “con-con” plan to take on.  And this in a world where they could not even prevail with Reince Priebus to either be allowed to “vote their conscience” OR, in the alternative, be allowed to hold closed primaries in 2020!  In every event where conservatives have gone head-to-head with Progressives and others, they invariably come out of it without their hats or backsides.

The frustration with our cultural rot and the manifestation of that rot in Congress, in the persons of congressmen who promise one thing and then deliver another, thus betraying us, has driven many to near-madness.  And the call for a constitutional convention is a symptom of that madness. 

Those who see no other way forgot who elected these miscreants.  These Congressmen who lied to us, who support the spending they promised to stop, who support the worst the Democrats bring us, whose “score” with oversight organizations such as “Heritage Action” is below 50%, are there only because YOU voted for them.  There is only one way to stop this kind of rot in Congress – when an elected official betrays us we must firmly vote them out of office.  This will usually mean electing – God help us! – a Democrat!!  But remember, it need be for only ONE TERM.  Then we can vote HIM out and replace him with a very wary conservative candidate who knows we mean business.  I have said before, we need to approach this crisis in government like Don Corleone.  Put a symbolic “horse’s head” on their comforter.  The staginess of Mafia hits, at least those of legend, is there to send a message.  The message we want to send is:  you betray us, you lie to us, you “make deals” with the bad guys – we will vote you out without any qualm at all.  You are replaceable.  And we don’t care with whom.  We’ll replace YOU with the “orange juice can” Mark Levin always says he’ll vote for and then replace the old can with a REAL conservative who means what he says. 

This is the only way to achieve anything like control of our own government again.  Term limits won’t do it – they would only prevent us from electing the candidate we want to hold office.  That could mean an entrenched Democrat, sure, but it could also mean we oust a Louie Gohmert or a Ron Paul.  There’s no point in that.  We want to get rid of the bad guys, not the good guys.  Why take control away from voters just because they won’t exercise it?  If they don’t care to govern themselves, just dispense with the idea and the complaints altogether!

The other point is that if we obey the Constitution we have we will be in good shape.  We will behave as a nation in a responsible and sane manner.  We will protect the rights we were given by God, we will provide a just and reasonable method of redress of grievances, we will put federal government back in its proper role and elevate our state and local governments to the roles they were intended to fill.  If, however, we don’t (and we have not), we can hardly expect a new Constitution, or a new law or Amendment, to be obeyed, can we?  My husband told of some colleagues who had children who kept jumping on their new mattress.  The solution?  They bought another mattress for the kids to jump on.  The kids kept on jumping.  You cannot achieve a climate of respect for the Constitution just because you rewrote it, if no one was following the original one.  Our problem is not our Constitution – it is VIOLATION of our Constitution.  Why wouldn’t the revised or new one be violated also?  This is no solution.  Until the people we send to Congress respect the law, writing a new law won’t faze them.

And the risk we assume with a constitutional convention – all so we can see if anyone obeys the “new” version – is that we lose everything our Founders gave us and all of our heroes have fought and died to preserve, at the hands of the nefarious groups alluded to above. This would be a very costly experiment, indeed.  And don't be persuaded that there would be any way of containing this process or limiting its scope in any way.  Those who tell you that are either lying to you outright or do not understand the dynamic involved, and the inadequacy of any force to hold it to a few conservative-selected issues.  Former Chief Justice Warren Burger and other distinguished experts have warned that this cannot be limited if it is once convened.  There would be no turning back.

Remember the ichneumodinae?  The conservatives and tea party patriots who are falling for this constitutional convention scam – and I use the term advisedly, for any convention brought together to consider amendments IS, by definition, a "constitutional convention"  – are like the host insect of the ichneumodinae.  They will be injected with this project, they will be stunned and suspend their own survival instinct and common sense, they will host it and nurture it and it will, in the end consume them and leave the empty shell behind, having achieved its goal.

There is a whole “other” constitution ready and waiting.  In all likelihood what would come out of a constitutional convention would resemble it far more that it would resemble the United States of America.  This constitution would create the “Newstates of America” – 10 districts or “states” which would replace the 50 unique and individual states we have now.  This would mean moving government farther and farther from the people.  It would mean a powerful central government.  The skeleton is in place now if you look at public policy and districts that pertain to it.  This plan was concocted over a decade under the auspices of progressive globalists such as the Rockefeller Foundation and the Ford Foundation.  It would be amenable to globalist goals.  A draft of this plan was published in 1974 as a book entitled “The Emerging Constitution” [Rexford G. Tugwell, Harper & Row].  The new nation it would create resembles “Hunger Games” more than it resembles the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. 

I hope this is not how America will end.  If your state is entertaining a resolution calling for this disastrous approach, oppose it with every ounce of energy you can muster.  If your state has already passed such a resolution, please go out there and campaign against it for all you’re worth. Many states are in the process of rescinding these resolutions.  Be a part of the preservation of our Constitution, not the bandwagon that wants to call open season on it.

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