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Wednesday, June 20, 2018



he current campaign of the Left consists of footage of detention centers on our Mexican border - facilities required for the tide of illegal aliens encouraged to come there by the hope of amnesty.  They look terrible, as do scenes of children being taken away from parents.  It is intended to be shocking to our sensibilities. What we need to know is that it is being rolled out right now for our consumption because a vote in Congress is imminent on amnesty - or perhaps a better alternative.  The Left wants amnesty.

As always happens with these “fake-umentaries”, we have a large contingent celebrities condemning something they have almost certainly not investigated for themselves.  Laura Bush may have no idea of the pertinent statistics. Many of these children are not with their own parents. There are credible reports of large numbers of them trafficked for labor and sex.  The answer is not to wave them through to the interior of our country.  Note that it is believed that some 80% of women crossing illegally are being raped on their journey to our border (Huffington Post)- either as abuse or as a form of payment.  The humane thing for America to do is to make it widely known that there is no chance that this kind of thing will succeed - and perhaps prevent a lot of this abuse and exploitation of women and children.

There’s an attitude that we can be  more “compassionate” by ignoring our immigration laws and border security.  There is no “compassion” in preventing ICE from stopping exploitation of humans by traffickers.  What sanctuary cities are doing when they refuse to cooperate with ICE is to empower abusers of vulnerable people.

We have a choice.  1) We can ignore them or wave them through.  This means we have no border. A border is only a border if it is enforced.  If we wink at violators the border does not exist. The consequence is we’ll have an intolerable increase in drug and human trafficking, exploitation of child labor and gang activity - MS-13, etc., as well as infiltration of very dangerous terrorist elements from Hezbollah and Al-Shabaab.  The last thing we should desire in our county at a time when Iran is increasingly unstable, is their homegrown terrorist organization, Hezbollah taking up residence in our neighborhoods. 2) We can stop this, interrupting it at the border and perhaps turning back much of it or processing it to make sure we are not endangering our own citizens.

Ezra Levant notes that dormitories in which the apprehended children are housed (not the reception building with the so-called “cages”, which are admittedly pretty ugly) are likely the nicest places these children have seen in their lifetimes.  In fact, Levant has done a better job than anyone in making it clear what is going on at the border and who the players are, including Occupy Wall Street, which is posting directions on Twitter to murder ICE agents in the most gruesome manner.  (Interestingly, this has remained up for 24 hours as of this writing.  Jamie Glazov was permanently banned from Twitter for quoting the Qu’ran.)

Adults have alternatives when they arrive at our border with children.  They don’t need to place themselves and the children in this position. If anyone siimply walks up to the gate and asks for asylum no one gets separated.  Of course, if immigration is undertaken within legal parameters there is no separating of kids from adults. But when a crime is committed - illegal crossing of our border - we don’t put children in jail with adults, just as we don’t in any other context.  If “Bill Jones” is tried for cooking his boss’s books, imagine the jury room. Do you think someone will say, “We can’t convict this guy because he has kids and we will have to separate them,”? Would they vote to acquit on “humanitarian” grounds? What is the right thing to do?  Send the children to prison with him? We don’t do that.

Our social services agencies routinely separate parents from their kids in order to break families up.
It is also one of the difficult aspects of military service (albeit voluntary service) that children and parents are frequently separated during deployment.  No one suggests the kids should be deployed with the soldiers.

This grotesque campaign against border enforcement is for the sole purpose of influencing a crucial amnesty vote in Congress.  ACT for America is facilitating a means of contacting Congress on a better alternative, H.R. 4760, Chairman Goodlatte's "Securing America's Future Act”.  We should all contact Congress to support this alternative.  (You can reach the Congressional switchboard at 202-224-3121.)  

We should not be surprised when the Left uses media this way to shock and revolt us.  They know we have a conscience and they play on our sense of compassion and innate decency.  We need to answer this with truth. It is true that the conditions are not ideal at the border.  Let’s acknowledge that. These kids have led difficult lives - most likely worse since they began the journey to our border with their minders than at any other time.  The future for these kids if we just ignore the illegal crossing is likely to be one of horrible abuse and exploitation, possibly crime, lives led in the shadows, as Levant aptly puts it.  If we say “OK, come on, no problem,” we become part of that exploitation. Think of the girls in Rotherham (Britain’s child sex slave scandal). The best day of their lives would have been getting apprehended and put in a safe situation.  It is our responsibility not to facilitate child exploitation and to provide a safe place while they are in our custody. Preferably they should be returned to their homes.

The plight of these children is sad.  We can help temporarily and try to reunite real families either in authorized asylum or immigration or back in their homelands, if possible.  What we must never do is ignore this problem and let it continue out of a misguided sense of compassion. We must remember we did not make this situation and considering the volume of transgressions there, it is amazing we have been able to do anything.  The “cages” are intended as temporary holding cells, not a lifestyle.

If you don’t like what you see at the border today, urge your representatives to vote against any form of amnesty.  Amnesty - or the hope of it - is the magnet that is drawing these armies of illegal aliens and children to these border holding cells and an uncertain future.  The best thing we could possibly do is to broadcast everywhere and make it credible that we will accept no more immigrants unless they go through the normal process and at that no more than one or two thousand families per year.


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