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Saturday, September 24, 2016


The stabbing jihad attack at the Crossroads Mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota, presents a number of issues worthy of discussion.  A young Somali man, a student at the State College, who had been in residence in the United States for 15 years, attempted to kill a number of shoppers who were minding their own business.  Fortunately a citizen was carrying a concealed weapon and had the ability and presence of mind to shoot the attacker before he killed anyone.  No one but the attacker was hit by the shooter.

There is a lot of contradiction here: 

The Mall is a “gun-free” zone.  The attacker was dressed as a private security guard but was armed with only a knife.  That, at least, was good.  But it was damned lucky for everyone at the Mall that day and in any nearby Jewish delicatessens, that someone else who was there had a gun and was willing to use it to stop the violence.  No one was killed because an off-duty cop from a nearby town used his concealed weapon to end the rampage.  Curiously, no one as yet from the liberal press has been calling him out for having a gun where it wasn’t allowed.  Perhaps he should have had only a knife to make it “fair”?  But because he didn’t, and because someone dared to go to the mall with a weapon we have no deaths other than the perpetrator’s – which could not have been helped.  Actually, according to mall rules, any weapon is illegal there, so a knife wouldn’t have been allowed either.

Although the Minneapolis Star Tribune has determined that the attempted murders and slashing were caused by an unwelcoming, cold and unfriendly Minnesota community, its theory was awkwardly upended when ISIS took credit for the outrage.  They said that the perp, Dahir Adan, was a soldier of Allah and it was all good with them – which should have embarrassed the Star Tribune but probably didn’t.

No information has been provided regarding how Adan could afford to be a college student.  As anyone knows who’s been there, that is an expensive and demanding situation.  But we’ll try to find out.  He was in a position to live the dream – a college career in progress, settled in lovely central Minnesota, far from the terrors of war (?).  Only he WAS at war.  It is a one-sided war over here, with American citizens trying to live their lives in their own communities, pay the taxes that support these terrorists and their resettlement, and violent, dissatisfied, disgruntled, vicious interlopers who have been basically dumped in our cities and towns throughout the Midwest.  They are out to kill us and we are busy trying to “understand”, “appreciate” and “welcome” them.  The version dished up by the Star Tribune is representative.  We have committees established in our little towns addressing issues of “diversity”, seeking ways to make people who came here from the bowels of hell itself feel “at home” here.  There is no real effort to corral them and get their attention and tell them what they need to do to be made welcome, just some judgmental, condescending advice to the locals telling us how to behave to make the “New Americans” comfortable. 

So-called charitable organizations such as Lutheran Social Services bring these people here by the boatload and do virtually no follow-up, they make no guarantees, they do not vouch for the people they import.  The only instruction these immigrants seem to get is directed at applying for benefits that we get to pay for.  While they come here and are offered government forms in Arabic for their convenience, they are not enjoined to respect our Constitution, or our way of life, our freedom.   Meanwhile, our federal government is busy rounding up all the phony refugees in the Middle East, separating out the Christians and sending the rest to Middle America to create havoc.  The result is seen in St. Cloud, a major resettlement area for Somalis.

What did we learn from St. Cloud this week?

  1. The citizen who stopped the attempt to kill shoppers happened to be an off-duty police officer from a nearby town.   Technically it was illegal for him to have his weapon in the mall.  It is damn lucky he did, and was ready, willing and able to use it effectively to protect innocent lives.  No thanks to the mall or its owners or management.  This is proof in and of itself that we need to eliminate any remaining “gun-free” zones in our country.  These have no place in a free country and create danger zones for normal, peaceful citizens.  Of particular interest is getting rid of this mistake in public buildings, churches, shops, malls and schools.  We need to be vigilant and take responsibility ourselves by never, ever entering a “gun-free” zone.  Starve any business that attempts to create one.
  2. Inasmuch as ISIS took credit for their Soldier of Islam, we should not assume any guilt for causing the incident due to a lack of “hospitality”.  America and Americans have no requirement to welcome anyone.  If the people who come here are good, if they contribute, if they value our way of life, they will be accepted.  We have no need of other kinds of immigrants and we must not make a virtue of welcoming them.
  3. We have no business bringing Somalis into this country unless they have a well-established history of being Christian.  The teachings of Mohammed do not allow for assimilation.  The problem is not just with Somalis, but with any Muslim or any other unassimilable group.
  4. We need to close the doors of Lutheran Social Services and other similar charitable organizations.  These organizations are making huge sums of money out of the taxpayers.  This is why they do it.  We need to defund all immigration and refugee programs administered by Washington.  Legitimate immigrants should come here as they have traditionally, investing of themselves in the enterprise, not being herded into transport by our government!  In fact, everyone who was involved in bringing this man into the country should be held responsible as co-conspirators.
  5. If we feel the need to help refugees, they must be helped where they are now – in the Middle East, not in the American Midwest.
  6. The incidents of violence, the response, the background which has made this a problem, i.e., the suicidal move to bring this pestilence into our midst and the anger it is producing is one of the factors which has helped to catapult the fraudulent Donald Trump to the Republican nomination.  This is a matter of misperception only, as Trump has no real interest or commitment to fixing this problem and has profited grandly from immigration.  These abuses are fueling the Alt-Right.  In fact, they could be said to be the backbone of the Alt-Right.

If we did these simple things listed above, we could contain this problem and perhaps eventually rid ourselves of it.  If we do not, we will see more and more of these incidents.  Someday it will by your son or daughter maimed or killed by a bomb or a knife-wielding madman.  Your spouse, your parent, your friend.  We need to assess this objectively, not look at it and see what we wish were there, but instead what really IS there.  We share culpability in that we have been sanguine while these “resettlements” have been occurring.  We sit like a turkey in a coop, knowing only that we sit there, never questioning our situation.  If we are sentient human beings we need to stand up.  Go to meetings and voice opinions, especially if we dissent.  We need to burn up the phone lines to Congress.  Let them never be silent.  Tell them.  Urge them to stop the flood.  Urge them to impeach any executive who takes it upon himself to bypass Congress. 

We should quit accommodating bizarre demands for cultural amenities these people are familiar with “at home”.  We don’t need ceremonial footbaths in our public facilities, employers can’t afford to provide time off for excessive prayers.  People who need these things must return home and enjoy them there.  This is America, not Mogadishu.  They should weigh where they prefer to be and if it is America they should strive to be accepted, not the other way around!

We have it in our power to change this plague of violence and erosion of our rights.  We have heard too many people say there was “nothing” they could do about this flood of immigrants.  We can.  We can quit accommodating them.  We can stop the welfare benefits.  We can quit providing shelter.  Let them go to Washington.  Let them go to Mogadishu. 

If this sounds unwelcoming, it is.  We don’t welcome this.  We don’t welcome Dahir Adan or Ahmad Khan Rahami and we should not welcome Islam, or any of its adherents.  Those who feel they must practice this dark obsession must go to the regions where it originated – they should remain in or migrate to the Middle East.  America is a bastion of freedom.  We don’t have room here for those who can’t live in freedom.  Until we recognize our fault in this we will continue to see violence, destruction and death in our own land.

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